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The King's Imagination

From deep within recorded history the lion has served as King. His reign has been prodigious encompassing many, many thrones from many, many countries. From the ancient Assyrian lion portrayed with wings and the head of a human to Richard the Lion Hearted there have been countless portrayals employing this magnificent cat. There have been so many portrayals of this magnificent creature that it would be futile to attempt to describe them all within this small text. So I have attempted with canvas, brush and paint to pay my little tribute to the King. I did enjoy my "make believe" visit with him as I imagined that he sat posing for his portrait. It is within this artist's imagination that allows him to do what he fancies and I fancied painting a lion. So late one evening my little studio was transformed into a lush Savannah as I began my lion Safari. I searched high and low within my imagination to find the perfect King. And there he stood atop a small hill overlooking his domain. So with my imaginary powers I stopped time and there he remained motionless. I knew that I could not hold him there for too long. My imagination could only hold the King if he so wished. So I hurried my talents to finish my work before the King would become restless and vanish. Such is the plight of my artistic limitations. My imagination is limitless but alas I remain firmly attached to my finite surroundings that beckon me back if I stray too far from them. So here is the painted result of my fanciful Safari placed upon stretched canvas for all to see. I also hope that your imagination allows you, from time to time, to leave this earthly realm and to travel to imaginary kingdoms where magical and fanciful Kings abide. visionary imagist "Joey"

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Sami XXXX 07 Nov 2015

I haven't been online for awhile. I miss looking at your art.... it is amazing...as always. GREAT JOB.

Steve Farr 03 Jan 2008

This is fantastic imagery, joey!! I luv it in so many ways!! Take care!! ~S

Artist Reply: Steve: I am glad that you enjoyed seeing my little oil thanks my friend.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 03 Jan 2008

Wonderful work and colours, Joey! Your text is very inspiring!!!

Artist Reply: Alberto; Thanks again my friend for your continuing support for my art
Artist Reply: Alberto; i always enjoy seeing your name upon my screen. your art moves me as well. thank you my friend.

Margaret Platt 02 Jan 2008


Artist Reply: I love to paint and explore new vistas and themes. i never grow tired of exploring. thanks for noticing my work.

Tahnja Wolter 31 Dec 2007

oh so beautiful my dear friend. I too have a very spiritual understanding and kinship with this magnificient beast. I adored the use of his image and portrayal as a Christ-like figure in the movie Narnia and will never forget the imprint that movie and iamge left upon my heart and soul.

Artist Reply: Tahnja; Great film. Thanks for stopping into my little gallery and sharing with me.