Ink. Paper 1971 "A Line" 28x23 cm


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Gina Cowins 07 Sep 2008

Zura, excellent dimensions, awesome.

Joyce Goldin 21 May 2008

Very nice! and in ink too...amazing!

annette steens 02 May 2008

perfect doneZura!!

Annette Labedzki 23 Apr 2008


Brian Morrison 08 Mar 2008

like a fingerprint of time, nice.

Minnie Shuler 02 Jan 2008

I love the movement introduced here just by the variation of width and proximity of lines. It is just fascinating.

Joke Schotting 15 Dec 2007

Wonderful work Zura!!!

Artist Reply: Hi,Joke! I'm very grateful for your comment! Sorry to have delayed with my answer. Best regards, Zura.

Danielle Baron 15 Dec 2007

op art with something..out of whack..simple and inviting

Barb Lowry 14 Dec 2007

This is an amazing piece. It almost looks like a cross-section of a tree....a square tree! Love it!

Akber Moeen 13 Dec 2007

interesting work

Artist Reply: Thank you Akber for your comment! Zura.

Brenda Loveless 11 Dec 2007

I like it...really took some time too!

Artist Reply: Thank you Brenda so much! Zura.

dominique landau 11 Dec 2007

wonderful, zura!!!!!!!!!!!

Artist Reply: Hi Dominique! Thank you so much! Zura.

Sam Melendez 10 Dec 2007

Wow! Very creative!

Artist Reply: Thank you Sam for your comment!
Artist Reply: Thank you Sam so much for your warm comment! Zura.

Lior Goldenberg 09 Dec 2007

Nice idea and execution!

Artist Reply: Thank you Lior for your comment! Zura.

Robin Brown 09 Dec 2007

Aha, a square tree. Rare find indeed & superbly presented. Mainly used for making square posts. Lovin your work Zura. Fine Art is where this belongs.

Artist Reply: Thank you Robin so much! This is a great compliment! Always welcome,Zura.

Jessica Courtley-Rose 09 Dec 2007

This is so cool! For some reason it reminds me of more modern Alice in Wonderland falling down a hole....a square one rather than a round...either way...thought provking!!

Artist Reply: Hi Jessica! Thank you for your nice comment! Hope you're doing fine. Best regards,Zura.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 09 Dec 2007

Wonderful pen, Zura!!!

Artist Reply: Hi Alberto! Thank you for your compliment! Best regards,Zura.

jamie winter 09 Dec 2007

most wondeful Zura

Artist Reply: Hi Jamie! Thank you so much for your comment! Best regards,Zura.

Barry Huyett 09 Dec 2007

interesting and well done...pulls me in to the image!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Barry so much for your comment! Stop back anytime! Zura.

Ennid Berger 09 Dec 2007

It is interesting that you drew this in 1971 and it still looks fresh and beautiful.

Artist Reply: Thank you Ennid so much for your kind comment! I really wanted to display this work,glad you liked it.Best regards,Zura.

Cindy Lemoi 09 Dec 2007

Wonderful depth. Pulls my eye to the middle, very effective.

Artist Reply: Thank you Cindy so much fo your comment! It is really appreciated! Zura.

Emily Reed 09 Dec 2007


Artist Reply: Hi Emily! Thank you so much for your comment! Zura.

Gerard van den Berge 09 Dec 2007

Lifelines ; like a tree ; it is draws me to the middle ; intresting and good work !!

Artist Reply: Thank you Gerard so much for your kind comment! Best regards,Zura.