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Signifying Shadows

This is another view of witch world where shadows live to torment the the unforseen angels. If you look closely in one of the windows of this mountain cave in the middle of the photograph, Satan waits to see if evil will win over good. A fierce demon protects the dark caverns on the far right. The nature of the shadow is a fascinating theme in psychology and literature. A good example is Pablo Neruda's Signifying Shadows. What hope shall we cherish what pure premonition? What definitive kiss shall we plant in our hearts? Or confide to the source of our wit and our indolence, Supple and certain, on the water’s abiding inquietude? What ardent and hurrying wing of that unforeseen angel Commanding our sleep shall feather my dream, for a change-less security, That my path between death and the stars be a vehement Flight into air, whose beginning is ageless: a day or a month or an eon? Is it a human defect of our haunted and fainthearted lives that we ask for a sudden persistence in time, in the compass of matter? Or weariness, maybe-the compounding of ages that open implacably outward: a later-day deluge working under the moon, heartsick, in a desert of beaches and rubble? Oh that thing that is I, might persist in its being and ceasing to be; that my sufferance might order itself with such iron conditions that the spasms of dying and the throes of beginning leave the fathoms I keep for the portion, untroubled! Whatever my singular self, in some part of me, always to continue, a sedulous witness confirmed in my being, unshaken, forever unmasking and making identity, warily, fast in my promises, all my pledges made manifest. Pablo Neruda A Bilingual Edition translated by the poet Ben Belitt


Anonymous Guest

Jeanie Chadwick 14 Nov 2007

incredible texture Julie.

Michael Forbus 12 Nov 2007

Excellent photograph and brilliant dissertation especially the quoting of the master Poet, Neruda. Great work Julie, my best wishes to you and it is wonderful. Michael

Joanna Jungjohann 11 Nov 2007

well done cuz

Emily Reed 11 Nov 2007