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November 14, 2003

Overheard in Suzy's: "There's a man lying out there in the street!" ... "Is he dead?" ... "I don't know. He came running down the road and just dropped right there. You better call 911..."


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Mary Parker 26 Nov 2003

I want to put your cartoons on my wall! lol ~Mary gives you a '10'

Lucas Seven 14 Nov 2003

...That FAST FOOD will kill you!...Never run after you eat a Wormburger...Won't you ever learn?

Chelsey Medley 14 Nov 2003

Say,did that guy get hit by a car or something? How come he's lying in the middle of the road? Not bad is all I have to say,it's better than mine.

Bluemoonshadow 14 Nov 2003

This charactor is growing on me..LOLL Very funny

Sidney Hipple 2 14 Nov 2003

Who did you think you were with all that running Forrest Gump?Get something to eat.Maybe some catfish and black eye peas.