December 6th, 2003

Collaboration today! When I saw this drawing in Sarah-Lynn Brown's portfolio, I asked her to please let me use it in the EarWorm saga. I hope I didn't spoil her graceful ink line with my clumsy colors. I tried to stay inside the lines, Sarah! ... Visit Sarah-Lynn Brown's portfolio at!


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Paul Arruda 06 Dec 2003


Sarah-Lynn Brown 06 Dec 2003

Dilbert is sooo cute! ... Jade is a bit rough, but she protects the things she cares about....Wicked green cat eyes.

Bluemoonshadow 06 Dec 2003

You guys are too funny.. Earwarm, wanna use any of my collages?? :-)) Blue

April Smith 06 Dec 2003

good proportions, watch out in the middle panel, she's leaning a bit too far....and the color separation on the top left doesn't look right.