Red queen of the night

The picture of a woman with a moon in background. Or are her bat-like wings lifted to the sky? A dark angel perhaps? She seems somehow surreal with its long neck and her flaxen skin. She extend passionate lips; as if she would gladly incorporate something. Does it hold something in its hands? Does she have an orgiastic experience? Or does she dances under the moon light? Dressed in delicious crimson, a ballerina dances in the hallway of your mind's eye. In your imagination violet illumination melts under beams of warm reds and pinks. Arching her back with admirable flexibility, the dancer spills her hair, and her body, allowing for fantasy, moves with sensuality. She always dances to find rhythm and harmony. Colours join in mind with shape and sexuality. Her performance captures the audience. No work will be finished, until It satisfies her spirit.

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Jerry 10 Sep 2007

Wonderful style and colors!