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Innocence Lost

Any culture's structure whose supports are founded on violence will end in violence. The archaic and erroneous belief that women are property has persisted throughout history. Vestiges of those beliefs persist still to this day. If one person's freedom and noblity is jeopardized everyone's is subject to that same tryanny. The effort and work to free those who are still oppressed is one of the highest callings that humankind can do. Working to bring about social justice and exposing the evils of any prejudices through art has been a vehicle used by artist for revolution and change. And as an artist I feel compelled to do my share of that work. Art is the medium that I chose to uncover and expose the remnants of this antiquated and evil conviction that women are property. This small painting was my contribution to that effort. visionary imagist "Joey"

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Leah Jaarveth 06 Oct 2008

strong words and very intense creation, thank you!

Martha Cable 22 Dec 2007

love the color in this one.....and i like that you have a meaning to it also......but dont we all have a story behind most things we create.....

Artist Reply: Martha: I agree with you. Thanks for commenting on my oil painting. stop back anytime. again thank you.



Artist Reply: Jennifer: Your words and your art as well help this humble artist to carry on. Thanks.

Kerra Lindsey 20 Sep 2007

Wow! Look what you have created! Those colors are magnificent! Outstanding compositional value here---not to mention scene portrayed! -Kerra

Artist Reply: Kerra: Your insightful words are greatly welcomed by this humble artist. I do enjoy hearing comments from fine artists, such as yourself. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share with me. Please do so anytime. Again thanks!!

Nonny Isabella 14 Sep 2007

This is a very powerful work, not just in terms of the incredible colours and layout, but also in terms of subject matter, never have we had such a young generation bombarded by the media in such a a young person I have found it very stressful as you are constantly being forced to grow up so fast into the worst kind of adult world. Very thout provoking, thankyou for sharing! :)

Artist Reply: Nonny: Your insightful and profound words are music to my heart. To be so perceptive is a rare and valuable gift. And you have that gift and are able to express it so eloquently through your words and your fine art. I do so appreciate and respect your opinions. Please stop back anytime to my humble gallery. I will look forward to that and I, of course, will visit your art gallery as well. Again thank you!!