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Brilliant Blue Poison Dart Frog

Brilliant Blue Poison Dart Frog: painted in transparent watercolors on Arches cold-pressed paper. Please feel free to see my professional greeting card line: Icansketchu's Greeting Cards!


Anonymous Guest

monique cooper 27 Jul 2010

soo Loving your work!!.. amazing talent!!!:))

Gary Glass 11 Feb 2010

very nice work and depliction of a tree frog..I enjoy viewing your work

Artist Reply: Thanks for stopping by, Gary--I appreciate your feedback! I checked out your portfolio--impressive captures! :)

sheila stanley-powell 31 Dec 2007

finally! someone who appreciates the incredible beauty and variations of frogs WITHOUT going all cutsy and posing them in artificial positions (ie:fishing, kissing, laying back on a log etc.) beautiful work kerra.

Randy Kroll 22 Oct 2007

Fine work Kerra!

kevin rollins 21 Sep 2007

a wonderful detailed water colour, love the transparent colours.

Paul Traudt 19 Sep 2007

just excellent I love frogs

Gerard Johnson II 17 Sep 2007

This is a very good watercolor. Very well done.

mahesh konsam 15 Sep 2007

awesome painting!!love ur paintings!!

Karie Goffic 13 Sep 2007

gorgeous colour, love this!

marcel reynaert 30 Aug 2007

Very beautiful Kerra. Great colors and painting style.

Arnel Sarmiento 30 Aug 2007

Beautiful work

Renata Cavanaugh 26 Aug 2007

What a cutie. Your work is beautiful

Visionary Imagist 24 Aug 2007

Kerra: I am glad that i found your portfolio. Your work is great and i look forward to taking time to explore your art.

Hassan Pasha 23 Aug 2007

so very beautiful ... seems like so real ... you have done a fantastic job with such a creature .. hats off to ya lady .. you are one gorgeous artist ... hey umm do you use a magic paint brush for a wand ??? umm just curious

Tyler Warren 23 Aug 2007

Your frogs are much nicer than mine, very excellent work!

Adam Reed 21 Aug 2007

WOW! AWESOME! Great artwork Kerra! I love the detail and color in this artwork! Adam & Sheena

Christine brand 21 Aug 2007

Very neat loooking work, are they really blue?

Artist Reply: Hi, Christine! Yes, these little guys are really this blue--they're really quite beautiful! Thanks for stopping by for a closer look. :) -Kerra

Seth Weaver 20 Aug 2007

Awesome art Kierra! Looks like a photo!

Artist Reply: Hi, Seth! Wow--what a compliment! This little guy was fun to paint getting to use those bright hues! :) -Kerra

John Sweeney 20 Aug 2007

Beautifuly done, Love the feet!

Artist Reply: HI, John! Thanks so much for the comment. The feet, eh? I couldn't believe how they were shaped--I kept looking and looking thinking, 'What IS this thing?' What a sketetal structure! :) -Kerra

Steve Farr 20 Aug 2007

Wow, Kerra!!! Wonderful job! I actually thought it was a photo at first! Very cool, my friend!!! ^_^

Artist Reply: Wow, a photo, eh, Steve? :) What a nice thing to say. I'm trying to get a 'theme' for some works I'm submitting--the frogs seem to be going over well. Thanks for taking the time to comment! -Kerra

Emily Reed 20 Aug 2007


Artist Reply: What a compliment from you, Emily! Thanks so much! -Kerra

Alexandra Dvinitninova 20 Aug 2007

Frogs are always fascinating.

Artist Reply: Thanks, Alexandra! I'm finding them more fascinating since I've been studying up on them as of late. What strange little creatures they are! :) -Kerra

Anne Vis 20 Aug 2007

Wonderful work, Kerra!

Artist Reply: Thanks, Anne! I appreciate you stopping by to leave me a comment on this little blue frog. :) -Kerra

annette steens 20 Aug 2007

indeed excellent done.

Artist Reply: Hi, Annette! Thanks so much for the nice compliment. I'm off to check out your profile. Hope your day goes great! -Kerra

katja cuikova 20 Aug 2007

excellent done!!!! awesome work!!!

Joanna Jungjohann 20 Aug 2007

very good work of art

Artist Reply: Thanks for taking the time to leave me a coment on this little blue guy--I appreciate it! I'm off to check out your portfolio. :) -Kerra

Chris Roukema 20 Aug 2007


Artist Reply: Hey, Chris--thanks! What a super-quick comment--I think I just loaded this froggie up. :) Hope your day goes great! -Kerra