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Sketchbook Series:  Girl Study

Plein air sketch and watercolor--having to move fast! Thanks so much to everyone for taking the time to comment on my work--I appreciate it! Top Ten Listing


Anonymous Guest

Lorna Skeie 16 May 2012

so nice

Maurizio Miele 04 Feb 2009


Anonymous Guest 25 Jan 2008

I would love to pose for you again anytime. I can sit still for hours. HA! HA! Thank you for thinking of me and putting me in your collection. I am truly honored! - Penny from WA

Debbie Battrick 01 Jan 2008

Very nice work....Debbie

Anonymous Guest 18 Dec 2007

IS this the one that you were talking about? I love it!! Penny

Artist Reply: Hi, Penny! :) Great to chat w/ you yesterday! yes--this is the one! Do you remember when I had you model for me? (no one will ever sit still for me anymore---I have to chase them around with a pad of paper and only get their gestures captured). That was fun! Hope your day is going great! :) -Kerra

Penny Myers 20 Aug 2007


Artist Reply: Hi, Penny! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment on this sketch of my friend. :) I appreciate it! -Kerra

Curtis Fleming 16 Aug 2007

Nice technique. Not too excessive - good.

Izabella Pavlushko 16 Aug 2007

a lovely work, Kerra ... well done !!!~Izabella

Jerry 14 Aug 2007

Lovely mood and charming portrait!

Kathie Nichols 14 Aug 2007

Such a lovely watercolour, nicely done!

helen tyralik 14 Aug 2007

well done

Artist Reply: Hi, Helen! Thanks so much for all of your feedback on my work--I really appreciate it. Hope your day goes great! -Kerra

Hassan Pasha 14 Aug 2007

fabulous ... stunning .. catchy .. attractive .. above the simplicity in it is jsut beyond description ... i say BRAVO to you and Hats Off dear lady

Artist Reply: Hi, Hassan! you are SO funny--thanks for the 'bravo' on this little sketch. Hope things are going smooth for you guys over there. :) -Kerra

Joanna Jungjohann 13 Aug 2007

this is great work, Kerra

Artist Reply: Hi, there, Joanna! Thanks so much for stopping by to leave me feedback on this sketch--I appreciate it! :) Hope your day goes great--Kerra

Vivianne Couture 13 Aug 2007

Nice piece of art, expressive.

Artist Reply: Hi, Vivianne! Thanks for the nice compliment, (expressive)--made my day--thanks! :) -Kerra

Emily Reed 13 Aug 2007

Excellent imagery!

Artist Reply: Hi, Emily! Thanks so much for your comment on my latest sketch--I really appreciate your feedback! :) -Kerra

Seth Weaver 13 Aug 2007

Very nice ketch Kerra!

Artist Reply: Hi, Seth! :) Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me feedback on this sketch as well as my other paintings--I really appreciate it. :) Hope your day goes great! -Kerra

Steve Farr 13 Aug 2007

Hello Kerra! Great job!! Take care!! ^_^

Alexandra Dvinitninova 13 Aug 2007

i have done similar of my children