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So this was such a whim of a painting, but my friend wanted to have a painting day- and so I went over to her house last night and painted for a few hours. I had bought a cheap canvas to practice technique on, and couldn't think of anything to do on it so I figured I'd paint my most recent sketch- and after an hour of frustration trying to make it very clean and detailed, I stuck my finger in the paint, started making rough strokes with the brush and came up with this. I hated it at first, but now I like it because of how full of motion it is. I might do another painting sometime, but who knows : ) Oh also- the hands are meant to look rather otherworldly, it wasn't a mistake.

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Sally Pulford 22 Jun 2007

Maybe you were meant to paint with your fingers rather than brushes. It certainly worked, although I like the brush strokes you did use. The wings turned out with great textures as did the designs in the corners. The mood is different than in the sketch - more mysterious and sad, but I like it. Great job!