"Lei Hilo" Ua hilo 'ia i ke aho a ke aloha: Braided with cords of love. 30x40x2 gallery wrap, oil on canvas, completed 12/05, Available in giclee, posters, greeting cards and gifts.

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artistinthecountry 20 Jun 2009

Very nice work

Artist Reply: Thank you! Rainbows before your feet everyone. Kathy

Cathy Savels 03 Sep 2007

I just love how you've used every colour under the sun. This is an outstanding painting. Very well done indeed.

Artist Reply: Thanks Cathy. Wow.. all your work on Art Wanted.. sure reminds me I need to post more! I just dropped Cafe Press and opted for this site.. better I think for me. Busy painting a bunch of 48x60's for my New York Gallery Monkdogs Urban Art.. yay! http://www.monkdogz.com I was painting outside on the grass yesterday and it just poured down rain out of the blue.. what a mess! Until later.. I looked and thought WOW.. how can I do that again? Too funny!

Visionary Imagist 17 Jul 2007

Kathy: Interesting work. Unusual subject but you have done a marvelous job. Great color. Must be fascinating to watch this subject and then paint it. Great art!!

Artist Reply: Thank you for the compliment. Hula is sacred to Hawaiians. Ti leaves are gathered (flowers,seeds,fronds, etc are often used as well)to make a lei for the dance, as gifts or to wear simply for the pleasure of it. In this case Ti Leaves were gathered and I was fortunate enough to get pictures of the process of tying them together to make a lei. They use their toes as an extra hand as you can see by the image I have painted here. I write a lot about this on my Squidoo Lens: Hawaiian Travel|Hawaiian Fun Food http://www.squidoo.com/hawaiianartprints/ Aloha! Kathy

Brigitte Hintner 07 Jun 2007

Outstanding work in every way ....you're such a talented artist with a wonderfully trained eye for the beauty that swirls arond you !!! Bravo Kathy !:-)

helen tyralik 06 Jun 2007

good detail,well done