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I always think of my collages as paintings, creating new dreams, a new world.

I love the improvisational nature of collage, the spontaneity of it and playing with materials until they make a coherent composition,
It is a lot of work (but fun) creating backgrounds, building texture, layering washes, text, and using innovative collage techniques and unusual materials.

This is an Art Collage Painting , which I made for a friend as a donation for a charity fund raising convention in West Palm Beach (Fla). Sandi is an international ambassador of VARIETY THE CHILDREN'S CHARITY. (Click on this link to get to their website.)
This organization is dedicated to improving the lives of children throughout the world by offering financial assistance and support to organizations and agencies that benefit children in need. Funding is also used to provide needed medical services or equipment for seriously ill and physically challenged children.
Their logo is a heart. That is why I painted hearts in the gold toned open hands.

Steps to create this collage:
The red is a thick-layered impasto of oil paint. I used a painter's knife.
The golden hands are made of newspaper. I painted a golden acrylic glaze over the hands, which makes the print still noticeable.
The hearts, keys post stamps are cuts of archival paper.
I like to alter the surfaces of all the collage elements in a variety of ways, by adding painted areas to give the illusion of depth. I also used Texture Gel Mediums. By using abrasion and sanding it roughens and interrupts the plane area's.

Close up 2nd picture:
For that man I used a transference technique creating transparent layered effects that brings mystery and depth to this work.
Finally I added some gold leaf (expensive!) ------------------------------------------------

Dimensions: 22"X28" (71X56 cm)
on a Studio stretched canvas.
Painted staple free sides.
Painting doesn't need a frame.

©opyright Olga van Dijk 2007©
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.


When a work of art is sold or otherwise transferred by the artist who created it, the right of reproduction belongs to the artist until it passes into the public domain or unless such right is expressly transferred in writing.

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Anonymous Guest

Maria Murphy 16 Feb 2008

WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!

Laumee Fries 14 Feb 2008

Wow, so many great paintings in your gallery. It will take a while to look at them all. This one is so powerful and intriguing. Thank you for commenting on my art.

Artist Reply: Thanks for your lovely compliment Laumee! Have a great Valentine's Day!

radfax radfax 29 Aug 2007

The close up image gives a totally different feel than the whole image of the hands. The close up gives me a feel for night clubs, love 2 keys 2 hearts, nice use of JT in the background by the way. The bigger picture appears to me to be very different and gives me the impression that the hands are ripped open releasing pain and suffering. This may not be what was going on but it is what I inturpret from your collage Interesting use of textures and opacity, a strong piece

Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Jun 2007

Impressive and congratulations. John PG

Michael Easter 05 Jun 2007

Marvelous! This is incredable.