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mum and babes

still trying to work out new camera and not at all sure why the lake looks like this its like an abstract painting


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Leasha Rice 20 Apr 2007

i love the ducks!! excellent pic!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 20 Apr 2007

the water is so beautiful and the ducks so sweet!! GREAT PHOTO!!!

Jean M. Laffitau 19 Apr 2007

Looks realy like a painting, but I like the effect you got hear! Great shot Cynthia!

Carrie Ann Watson 19 Apr 2007

I love the way the water turned out! Beautiful captures Cynthia! :)

Ralph Miller 19 Apr 2007

love it!

Joke Schotting 19 Apr 2007

Adorable shots Cynthia!!!!

Robin Brown 19 Apr 2007

Hard to tell from here Cynthia, wee bit grainy perhaps. If its grainy I'd think the ISO rating might be set too high. Composition is excellent. What camera have you got.

Mary Janosik 19 Apr 2007

I love the water and the babes are precious!!! Great shot, Cynthia!!! Do they belong to the goose or the duck???

Leah Jaarveth 19 Apr 2007

they are so very cute...wonderful family portrait!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 19 Apr 2007

Splendid images, Cynthia! So sweet!

Hassan Pasha 19 Apr 2007

quaks ahoye mateys ... such a cute family ... ADORABLE

BySilent 18 Apr 2007

Wonderful shot

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 18 Apr 2007

Beautiful creative photography,Cynthia!!!Great captures!!!:)

Carliss Mora 18 Apr 2007

It's pretty cool, Cynthia! Perhaps God wanted to participate in this venture, and made the water all wavy, shimmery, and smooth. Great capture!

bert cortes 18 Apr 2007

Nice photos, Cynthia

Emily Reed 18 Apr 2007

So cute and amusing!

Joanna Jungjohann 18 Apr 2007

beautiful cynthia, they are so cute!

Laurie Rawdon 18 Apr 2007

wonderful shot,,,,babies are just precious!!!

Lucy Cherniak 18 Apr 2007

Nice scene, Cynthia!

Karen Cash 18 Apr 2007

a very darling scene!!

jamie winter 18 Apr 2007

the water looks like a water colour paintings. cool effect. jamie

Loredana 18 Apr 2007


Eva Rogers 18 Apr 2007

wow i think the water looks really cool