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The world will never forget...

Today is Holocaust day,in Israel. At 10:00 am this morning , loud sound of Siren for one minute, made the whole people of Israel,stand still.Cars stopped,until this sound of Siren stopped.One minute ,to remember the horror of holocaust,in which 6 million of Jewish were killed in cruelty .Today at 5:00 p.m. started the "Parade of LIFE",From Auschwitz to Birkenshow,in which 5000 youth take part.TV Programs this week,in Israel will be dedicated to commemorate the events of Holocaust. The world must never forget ........Copyrights (c)Nira Dabush

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Les Jobes 24 Apr 2007

Stirring, heart retching write up, and posting. You are so right my friend " THE WORLD MUST NEVER FORGET".

Barry Huyett 20 Apr 2007

great. We ALL must never forget!!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much Barry for your thoughts and comments...all the very best ,NIRA

annette steens 19 Apr 2007

Great done! We will never forget indeed, but today there is no difference! In spite of! So it does not help to think about the dead. We must change our negative thoughts, our negative behaviour, our negative words we are using. Change all to positive! It's work, very hard work but The Solution for Peace! Forgive first yourself and others and live in the great Light! That means: Lost of EGO! Ego makes war, makes problems makes everything negative. There is a big difference by human love or God love! The last don't know nothing about human love at all! It's just one great love, again: no ego!!! I am happy you use art too for creating more peace! Thank you!

Artist Reply: Dear Annette thanks so much for your thoughts and comments...I'm not saying that to think of the dead people is the solution ,but to me personally and to many others,this Holocaust day has alot of significances.And of course it has nothing to do with ego also...This is a small reminder, perhaps also as act of respect to the innocent victims ...or to us all,or at least to those who wish to remember those horrible events .To acknowledge the fact,that those events occurs and with true hopes that such thing may never again will happen anywhere in the world against no religion or race......With the understanding that we ALL People of the world, has the right to live peacefully .Its like a SAYING...It was most horrible war ever happen in history...May we never know any kind of war or terror ,or any kind of violent act anywhere on this planet...Unfortunately the Nazis movement exist in some parts of the world and getting more powers also,and you even can see it here in AW. Annette ,like yourself I am a great believer of positive thinking...but as i'm sure you know ,not ALL people think this how will you convince others in positive can try do so with few of your close friends.I wish the whole world will think positively and make a world of peace...Is that reality nowadays...?...I wish...and i can pray in positive might help a bit :-)...Personally,I have no anger against myself or rancor to no one...I can be example to my kids or few of my friends ,only if they wish to follow my and you will pray for peace...for a world being a better place to live in...and may more people will think positively this way...Love and peace for GREAT LIGHT,Nira

julie Marks 19 Apr 2007

Fabulous representation of the horror and evil of a time we will never forget. The holocaust is such an alarming example of human cruelty that it is overwhelming. Unfortunately, we have not learned from the past as the terror continues on a massive scale with the wars in Iraq and in other regions of the world. The tragedy of the students who died at Virginia Tech University underscores the need to remind us of the futility of violence and war. Your painting is a powerful statement to send the world a message that the insanity must stop!!

Artist Reply: are right...the insanity of wars and terror must stop...We had a reminder of a terrible tragedy at the WT University, just 2-3 days ago ,which reminded me of another terror attack , by suicide bomber we had here in July,31 the student's cafeteria in the Hebrew university in which many died and many others wounded.As a non- political person,I can only pray and wish for a better world...and try to believe and think positively that the world can be a better place...Thanks so much for your comments...enjoy your day! Nira

Jean M. Laffitau 19 Apr 2007

A very, very powerful work and message! Excellent Nira!!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much ,Jean...enjoy your day,Nira