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The 'Mercedes-Benz SSK' is a roadster built by German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz between 1928 and 1932. Its name is an acronym of Super Sport Kurz, with the last word being the German for "short", a reference to the fact that the car was based on the earlier Mercedes-Benz S, but with nineteen inches chopped from the chassis to make the car lighter and more agile for racing. It was the last and greatest car designed for the company by the brilliant engineer Ferdinand Porsche, before he left to pursue the foundation of his own company. The SSK's extreme performance—with a top speed of up to 120 miles per hour (190 km/h), it was the fastest car of its day and numerous competitive successes made it one of the most highly regarded sports cars of its era. It took me 7 days to complete. Give me ur precious comments and do write your email id. Call me or email me if you want to buy / order any of my completely built models (Please be noted that the plans are not sold here).


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 21 Nov 2014

HEllo Nice Job I have an Alcan 1928 Paper model Mercedes SSK still in the box never assembled if you collect these are you interested in purchase I can send you a photo Email me me if your interested [email protected] Canada

Hassan Pasha 04 May 2007

awesome vintage work man .... u should've created an equally awesome mansion to park this car then take its pictures .. u need to work on the backgrounds bro ... other than that SUPER WORK

Artist Reply: well thanks alot for the suggestions bro.... i will take care.... thanks alot dude...

Christine brand 03 May 2007

Hey remember the song by JANIS JOPLIN? O Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz? cool work, Ateemjeet, I used to dream about a car like this and sing this song, hehehe! would be neat to have one. But that is irrelevant I suppose when it comes to the real meaning of life. I love this style and model you have done here. what's up man? How are you?

Artist Reply: thanks once again.... yep mercedes is my dream too and i will achieve it one day hopefully... mmm, i dont have an ear to classical songs... i have heard the name of jenis but never really heard it.. aaaaaa yes, life is not what u want, life is mmmmmm mercedes benz, i always need it, but only a few lucky ppl get it.... (poor philosophy hehehe)

Anonymous Guest 23 Apr 2007

i want this ....nikhil

Artist Reply: heheh u want this? its just for Rs. 2999 think abt it...

Anonymous Guest 22 Apr 2007

its jeep or tractor? Bonut is not larhe than normal? but good trial:) keep it up

Artist Reply: hahahahaha,,, buddy its a vintage car... cant just stop my laguh... does it sem like a tractor?

Anonymous Guest 16 Apr 2007

regars jagmeet. spell mistakes and odd sentences will ask u for appology

Artist Reply: its ok boss...

Anonymous Guest 16 Apr 2007

I was gr8 at art. After metric , i hardly touched my d.board, colors. Paper modals i made in 95 are dawrfs in front of yours. Trying CONCORD. will ask for ur guidance. Got my date sheet today. exam ka fever shuru ho raha hai. so wen u will be in acenture i will be asking u for guidance. and at that time i could only wait for ur replies. God bless u, bhai. Pray for me. i am not prepared this time. Need to say goodbye.

Artist Reply: ya my best wishes are with u ... thanks.... ya im always there for help....

jagmeet saluja 16 Apr 2007

ur mercedes is really cool. gr8 work.

Artist Reply: thanks a lot bro... arey u joined AW for giving me comments ? or are u really an artist? anyways, thanks oce again

Anonymous Guest 12 Apr 2007

ur not giving me a gift to reveal myself. So why should i? I am enjoying a lot but no doubt the praise and comments aer from my heart. So no more surprises as exams are coming. Need to offline now. But till the exams dont change ur idz, ur sites, contacties. C u soon. Voila gr8 work.

Artist Reply: ok as u wish,,, thanks..... :-))

Mike Filippello 11 Apr 2007

This is by far one of the most incredible works of art I've ever seen. Absolutely Brilliant!!! Keep up your incredible work!!!

Artist Reply: hey thanks a lot mike.....

Anonymous Guest 09 Apr 2007

here i am---- bryan admas song- in the spirit of the cinnamon. Hmmmmm jacda hai tohada tee.

Artist Reply: thanks alot man... ^_^ please reveal urself... i wanna know who is dis...

Anonymous Guest 08 Apr 2007

dude did u hav learnt dis art of developed uorself......GET READY DUDE FOR A BIG FAN LIST

Artist Reply: thnaks pal^_^ i donmt learnt dis from anyobe dude.. its just ma passion and i started and dint knew the outcomes... and now i can say , "HERE I AM"

Anonymous Guest 07 Apr 2007

ok. So out of 10 models i have to select the model i need? right?

Artist Reply: ya exactally

Anonymous Guest 07 Apr 2007

Mehre okat nahi ke mai apke help kar sako. May be i am source between u and GOD. And do tell what kind orders you have received and what are the charges. Wish you success of your Company Ameen. May b both real and unreal things are the parcel of ur success

Artist Reply: thanks u so much for those words buddy^_^ well the prices of all the models are displayed on the left side of every page... read the details of all the models buddy on the left of dem... u will find ur answers,... thanks once again..... ameen

Anonymous Guest 07 Apr 2007

U welcome the ideas but you dont revert you are serious on them or even thinking to impliment them.

Artist Reply: areyyyy,... boss i have thought abt dem, and i have even started planning to do dat,,, im sory i cudnt express myself for ur kind help... its my pleasure to recieve such an honour... keep giving ur cool comments... basically i am a lil busy with the orders i have got. dats y, i really am unable to take ma time out to contact nat geo... but i will do it for sure,, even i want dat bussy.... may i know ur name please? are u on orkut? whats ur orkut address do let me know. i wanna see whose taking his/her time out for helping me...

Anonymous Guest 06 Apr 2007

We will keep posting the ideas we get 4 u, bro

Artist Reply: ya sure buddy.... ideas are most welcome....

Anonymous Guest 06 Apr 2007

you changed your home page photo. Well i hope your company will b d one whom we all proudly can introduce to others. Well keep psting your ideas for Top Gun. God bless u both AMEEN

Artist Reply: hey thanks a lot buddy ^_^ AMEEN

Anonymous Guest 05 Apr 2007

And may GOD bless u.

Artist Reply: ya thanks buddy ^_^

Anonymous Guest 05 Apr 2007

dil pe mat ley lena kahi. It was i gud sense. Vese apne clsoest friend se pucha kya? chalo leave the faltoo topic. Tell us r u game for the model for NATGEO, SIR?

Artist Reply: thanks...

Anonymous Guest 04 Apr 2007

u know wat ATAM , u r a lucky guy. Need a proof: Ask ur closest friend and he/she will say No, u r not a lucky guy. But you r lucky. U try to impliment on my idea.U No comments plz^_^

Artist Reply: thanks/ well i understood a little of ur words.... but i understood dat was a compliment....

Anonymous Guest 03 Apr 2007

y dont u contibute a model to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL for their upcoming serial: The "Top Gun"

Artist Reply: hey thats a great great idea buddy ^_^... i will certailnly look forward fro it... thanks...

Anonymous Guest 28 Mar 2007

great work... seen all the models... commenting here though... good stuff really... just one suggestion to be on the safest side... it is advisable not to use existing brand names like the one above... just in case...

Artist Reply: thanks for ur suggestion man, but trust me, its not illegal... otherwise i wd not have been permitted to dsplay ma pic on dis reputed web site....

Anonymous Guest 27 Mar 2007

well c the time of your post and mine post same 8:31 AM

Artist Reply: i dint get u buddy !!!!!!

Anonymous Guest 27 Mar 2007

"Priceless"- I mean that there are some things money cant buy. SO you qoted the price , waht u expect. For me its priceless. And dont ever ask me WHY? I am not gonna awnser u. Frankly telling u , agar mere pass at disposal itna cash hota to mai khanna chod deta par would hav purchased that model.

Artist Reply: wow.... really touched my heart... thanks alot buddy ^_^ may i know who is this? ur email id please?

Anonymous Guest 24 Mar 2007

u should not add "only" with price, yaar! Mera mouth khula ka khula reh gaya or app only laga rahe ho ! Not fair! Well i have to wait for 5 years. When i will get any job i will purchase ur dragster fith my first pay. FIVE yearsbuddy 5 years!

Artist Reply: well. i know its a bog amount, but dats what it is boss... acha according to u what shd be its price temme? and do write ur email id please... are u on orkut?

Anonymous Guest 23 Mar 2007

price for yamaha dragster

Artist Reply: oh. well its worth Rs. 35,000 only....

Anonymous Guest 23 Mar 2007

Too good. Pleae tell the expected price of dragster on the forum itself.

Artist Reply: i dint understood ur q's... please ask ur querry at [email protected]

Anonymous Guest 21 Mar 2007

listen dude...its jus amazing......never seen this kind of work before...its jus awesome....can i know...wats ur qualification

Artist Reply: thanks a ot buddy ^_^ well i am basically a textile chemist (final year).. will be joining accenture in july this year..... nothin to do with paper modeling... its just an hobby...

Anonymous Guest 20 Mar 2007

itz awesome man.... gud doin'.... :)

Artist Reply: thanks a lot boss^_^

Anonymous Guest 15 Mar 2007

if there was a paragon of how precision ought to be showcased in vivid intricacy...u've done way way wayyyyy better!!! i guess u wud've guessed who this is..hehe i guess u wud've guessed who this

Artist Reply: thanks thanks thanks alot Shambhavi.... u have to teach me dis kinda english skils....