Paper Model of Discovery Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Discovery is one of the three currently operational orbiters in the Space Shuttle fleet of NASA, the space agency of the United States. (The other two are Atlantis and Endeavour.) When first flown in 1984, Discovery became the third operational orbiter, and is now the oldest orbiter in service. Discovery has performed both research and International Space Station (ISS) assembly missions. The spacecraft takes its name from previous ships of exploration named Discovery, primarily HMS Discovery, the sailing ship that accompanied famous explorer James Cook on his third and final major voyage. Discovery was the shuttle that launched the Hubble Space Telescope. Space Shuttle Discovery has flown 34 flights, spent 296.84 days in space, completed 3,808 orbits, and flown 98,710,673 statute miles (158,859,429 km) in total, as of November 2007. It has flown the most flights of all Space Shuttles so far (a title it is likely to keep). Please give your precious comments for this complicated machine. Call me or email me if you want to buy / order any of my completely built models (Please be noted that the plans are not sold here).

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Anonymous Guest 6 days ago

That looks might pretty...nice ;-)

Anonymous Guest 03 Jun 2015

Wonderful model!!!

Anonymous Guest 06 Jan 2012

wow..!! Tarini gupta

Anonymous Guest 04 Feb 2011

must say... u r very talented......

Artist Reply: Thanks :-)

Anonymous Guest 25 Dec 2010

i think its a pretty shity model leave it to us pros man

Artist Reply: I feel the same as well.. :-) Thanks for your feedback...