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The 'Mercedes-Benz SSK' is a roadster built by German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz between 1928 and 1932. Its name is an acronym of Super Sport Kurz, with the last word being the German for "short", a reference to the fact that the car was based on the earlier Mercedes-Benz S, but with nineteen inches chopped from the chassis to make the car lighter and more agile for racing. It was the last and greatest car designed for the company by the brilliant engineer Ferdinand Porsche, before he left to pursue the foundation of his own company. The SSK's extreme performance—with a top speed of up to 120 miles per hour (190 km/h), it was the fastest car of its day and numerous competitive successes made it one of the most highly regarded sports cars of its era. It took me 7 days to complete. Give me ur precious comments and do write your email id. Call me or email me if you want to buy / order any of my completely built models (Please be noted that the plans are not sold here).

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 21 Nov 2014

HEllo Nice Job I have an Alcan 1928 Paper model Mercedes SSK still in the box never assembled if you collect these are you interested in purchase I can send you a photo Email me me if your interested [email protected] Canada

Hassan Pasha 04 May 2007

awesome vintage work man .... u should've created an equally awesome mansion to park this car then take its pictures .. u need to work on the backgrounds bro ... other than that SUPER WORK

Artist Reply: well thanks alot for the suggestions bro.... i will take care.... thanks alot dude...

Christine brand 03 May 2007

Hey remember the song by JANIS JOPLIN? O Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz? cool work, Ateemjeet, I used to dream about a car like this and sing this song, hehehe! would be neat to have one. But that is irrelevant I suppose when it comes to the real meaning of life. I love this style and model you have done here. what's up man? How are you?

Artist Reply: thanks once again.... yep mercedes is my dream too and i will achieve it one day hopefully... mmm, i dont have an ear to classical songs... i have heard the name of jenis but never really heard it.. aaaaaa yes, life is not what u want, life is mmmmmm mercedes benz, i always need it, but only a few lucky ppl get it.... (poor philosophy hehehe)

Anonymous Guest 23 Apr 2007

i want this ....nikhil

Artist Reply: heheh u want this? its just for Rs. 2999 think abt it...

Anonymous Guest 22 Apr 2007

its jeep or tractor? Bonut is not larhe than normal? but good trial:) keep it up

Artist Reply: hahahahaha,,, buddy its a vintage car... cant just stop my laguh... does it sem like a tractor?