Coast Guard Barque

U.S.Coast Guard Barque Eagle W. H. RaVell III


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DR LaVoie 01 Mar 2011

Very well done William, I have been on her many times, and also her sister ship the "Sagres" out of Portugal. You have done her justice !

karen Salley'Rice 09 Feb 2009

Okay let me retract the question, I see you have painted the eagle! it's a beautiful ship, great painting.

Kathryn Arruda 22 Apr 2008

Ah, The Eagle, a fine ship and you have done justice to it! Here it sits bouyantly upon a calm sea, looking fine and fit, its strong sails a crowning glory! How do you do the rigging so masterfully?! Amazing detail-

Neil Higgs 23 Jan 2008