24 March, 2024
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

New Hardcover Custom Book Product

We are thrilled to announce that we are now offering hardcover custom art books to all ArtWanted members. You can also now choose if you want a high-gloss or soft-matte cover finish as well.

Last year ArtWanted launched a new service to allow all ArtWanted members to create a book of their artwork at no cost and sell it for profit. We continue to add more features to our book service, based on the requests of our members. The new hardcover and gloss/matte cover options are just one more way we want to help get your art in the hands of more buyers.

Hardcover Books

The new hardcover book option really upgrades the overall quality of your art/photo book! The hardcover books feel amazing in your hands and also look great sitting on a coffee table for display. If you have already created a book using the ArtWanted platform, the new hardcover option is now available on your personal book page for purchase.

Hardcover Pricing

Buyers can choose a softcover or hardcover option when purchasing your art book. The hardcover upgrade is a flat $12 fee on top of whatever your existing softcover price is. The ArtWanted wholesale cost of the hardcover upgrade is $10, so you earn $2 profit with each hardcover upgrade.

Gloss or Matte Finish

When choosing the settings for your book, you can now choose if you want a high-gloss or soft-matte cover finish. Both look great, so it comes down to personal preference and what you want to offer. There is no cost difference between the gloss or matte finish. By default, all books are printed with a gloss cover, but you can change this setting for any new or existing book on the BOOK SETTINGS page.

Create Your Own Art Book

We have created the easiest platform on the web to create and sell your own art books. Simply upload your artwork, pick a few settings, and you have a book that is ready to sell! There is no cost for your to create a beautiful book of your art through ArtWanted and you will earn a profit from each book you sell. You can create as many books as you like, including: art books, photo books, art tutorial books or coloring books. To learn more about our book printing service, click here.

Book Image Credits: Ivo Depauw & Harri Honkala



Timothy Simpson 29 days ago

The soft cover or hardcover product sounds fantastic. But before i launch into making one what is the cost? 50 pages? 100 pages? Boy i hope it's reasonable b/c i'd like to start showcasing my 100's of artworks & i think this is a really good way to do this. Thx!!!! T.

ArtWanted.com Staff 29 days ago

The BOOK OVERVIEW page has a table of all the costs, depending on how many pages you have. The color book starts at $13.95 for 40 pages and goes up as more pages are added. Here is a link to the pricing table:


Timothy Simpson 29 days ago

Thank u immensely for your response. I have attempted many times to do this & almost always it turns out to be too pricey which then becomes simply a waste of my time & efforts... but this looks like a good project to pursue. 2 quick thots & then i will start gathering my thots & works for this. In the future do you think there would be a few slightly smaller size possibility... [Maybe 8x6? or?] Also i have a project i think every artist here might want to try... who do i reach out here on ArtWanted to share it with? Thx!!!!!! T.

ArtWanted.com Staff 28 days ago

Thanks for the feedback. We offer a very simple to use book creation tool with amazing prices and quality, so encourage you to try out our system to create a book.

We are looking into smaller sized books as well, we will keep you posted.

If you have something you want to share with other artists, you can always make a post on the General Discussion message board for artists to read.