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Red Rose Bloom Closeup

What is it about roses? Especially the really red ones? I know that they are so evoking of love and passion, that's what I think of when I see one. Yet if I see a white rose, sweet and purity. Same flower shape and blossom, just change the color and you feel something different. As long as you love flowers, and even some that don't roses keep stealing ones heart when you see them. Giving them to someone else, let's you share some love. I could look at roses all day and not get tired of them. This is a digital painting I did of a rose using my electronic art tablet (Wacom) and Painter IX.5. Not a manipulation.

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Robin Brown 21 Mar 2007

How you created this isn't important. The fact that you did; is. Stunning work

Artist Reply: Thanks Robin! I enjoy trying out new ideas to get different effecs. I had originally painted this as a light watercolor. It had been lovely, but I wanted to see it more vibrant, it gives out a whole new feel to it this way.

Jimmie Mathews 05 Mar 2007

This is gorgeous, Terry! those swirls of red are amazing!

Artist Reply: Thanks Jimmie! I love using different brushes and strokes to get some variety in my paintings.

Michael Forbus 28 Feb 2007

Terry, you keep making these lovely images that I just want to eat. So lovely and sweet. My compliments. Miguel

Artist Reply: LOL!! Oh, Miguel, that chef in you is going to have to get you to make some edible flower cookbooks. Rose Garden salds would be just a start. Flowers taste so differrent, some so sweet, others, are best for garnishing. I seem to want to pick the flowers, smell, photgraph, paint them, and eat them. Not to mention growing them and drying for crafting ad decor.

cynthia berridge 27 Feb 2007

very beautiful art work Terry

Artist Reply: Thanks Cynthia!!!!

Hanna Stawska 27 Feb 2007

Great rose, beautiful!

Artist Reply: Thank you Hanna! Roses are something I can never seem to use too much for a subject.