Impatien maculata

The highly endangered Impatiens of the Western Ghats, comprise around eighty species. This is the first of the series I am painting. These Impatiens are found along stream sides and road cuts aroung Munnar, Kerala , South India and prefer cool climes with atleast 90 inches of rainfall. The blooming is only around the time of the South West monsoon.Interested buyers and commissions are accepted for endangered plants ranging from orchids, ferns to impatiens.


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Anonymous Guest 18 Feb 2019

Look SO real! MM

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Monica Crisp 23 Mar 2011


ruth sears 20 Aug 2010


Anonymous Guest 07 Nov 2007

This is gorgeous! Beautiful artwork like this will hopefully help people appreciate and want to preserve endangered species. -Karlene Lusby

Anonymous Guest 07 Nov 2007

beautiful job and many people just don't realize how many hours of study and representation go into a work like this. impressive! jill from botanicalart

anna padilla 06 Nov 2007

Wonderfully observed and the accompanying info is wonderful. This is a huge undertaking I can only image the hours in this one beautiful image alone. Cynthia Padilla, Editor Sketching & Drawing. Garden & Hearth

sparsh kumar 23 Aug 2007

soft feelings

Christine brand 28 Feb 2007

Very lovely work, interesting imformation also. Welcome to AW!!!

Ruth Kauffman 27 Feb 2007

Excellent acrylis work, Meenakshi!! Welcome to AW!

Leah Jaarveth 27 Feb 2007

this is wonderful :)

helen tyralik 27 Feb 2007

lovely floral