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Star Trek: A Borg Christmas

(c)2007 This is definitely the last Christmas project till December. Just wanted to show you my latest animation from a fantasy story I used to play around the Christmas tree when I was a kid. Only I've substituted the Borg for the Klingons. A time spacial warp has brought two Federation starships and a Borg schere from the future to the year of 2006. Into my living room where they fought it out. The Feds lost a ship, but won the battle. At least then I didn't have to worry about being assimilated! :O)

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Karim Bouchnak 15 Feb 2007


Steve Farr 14 Feb 2007

This is classic, Gregg! Such a FUN animation!!!!! ^_^

thea walstra 13 Feb 2007

A very good animation Gregg

Jerry 13 Feb 2007

Outstanding Gregg! Brilliant work or really cool!

Emily Reed 13 Feb 2007

WOW WOW WOW! LUV IT, GREGG! Happy Valentine's Day!!!