One Man War

Another experiment, this one was done on a piece of canvass, very hard on my mech pencil. I like the feel and the look it gave to a pencil drawing though. It took about 6 hrs in total, over the period of a week. I started with a straight line which turned into a tower wall, then I thought, what would it look like if the wall was blasted out. Then of course I had to show why the wall got blasted, then yada yada... Enjoy Wayne


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Feb 2007

The shattering tower looks great! You've done really well with the smaller details here - they really make the picure. -Emma

Artist Reply: Thanks. This started with, well besides a blank piece of canvas, a verticle line, which became the tower, etc etc

Jerry 13 Feb 2007

Lovely artwork!

Artist Reply: Thanks Jerry.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Feb 2007

He's getting quite far for dealing with a one man war ;)

Artist Reply: Men rule remember! It's my Valentines symbolism, I'm breaking down her defenses.

Patrick Boyle 13 Feb 2007

very creative Wayne I love the lone warrior with the catapolt (spelling???) very well done

Artist Reply: Tally Ho. I had someone on the battlemounts but, the sizing didn't work out. Ever try to erase on a piece on cavnvass? Damn near impossible. Thanks Patrick

Emily Reed 13 Feb 2007