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Dragon Skies

Created in Bryce

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Maraleh Hansen 31 Jan 2007

very nicely done, I love the graphics quality on this. You will do great things if you keep working on these. Best of luck

Tom and Susan Repasky 26 Jan 2007

I love what you have done with the atmosphere Kelly, very rich and full!! Excellent work on the terrain, with great textures and life!! I love the dragon, with the sweeping in upon the scene!! Wonderful 3D rendering!! ~S

Artist Reply: Thanks so much for the very nice compliment :) I really appreciate it, as well as the time you took to leave me your thoughts. Much appreciated. Kelly

Stanley Layman 25 Jan 2007

While I like the DAZ elements, for a picture depicting sunup or sundown, your gargoyle or dragon should be more visible as it appears to be above the mountain peak. The light value at the summit should be similar on the facing wing of your focal subject. Similarly its limbs should be lit with the same light values as the mountain face in the foreground. I did illustration for a number of years with airbrush and a lot of pen and ink work. When I had to retire, DAZ was something new as were computers for me. I personally never did master DAZ. I have some idea what you are working with. Your constructs of mountains and sky are very realistic. You show two light sources the strongest is on the horizon. The weakest appears under the subject along with the strongest it follows that the subject is incorrectly lit.

Artist Reply: Thanks for taking the time to take a look. It's actually Bryce, not Daz studio. I left the dragon mostly in darkness because I wanted the focus to be the light just breaking behind the mountain. With the sky occulded by the thick clouds, and dawn just barely started, it's been my experience that very little is visible up in the sky. I know you said it's incorrectly lit, yet I have seen things in the very early morning which were lit in exactly the same way. The light is, remember, coming from behind and slightly above the dragon, not in front or below. I'm not sure where you're seeing the second light source at?

BySilent 25 Jan 2007

Great rendering work

Ralph Miller 25 Jan 2007

Beautiful image!