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SHEren@DA in corso for A M Oz art action 2

4 road signs of different sizes (triangles of 8-15 cm in height) on heavy paper, laminated, design on both sizes, 2006. "[email protected] in corso" are part of the set of road signals that were made for the occasion of the A M Oz art action taking place in Molinella (Bologna)for I Premio della Performance di Strada at Christmas Eve,so as to signal to the passers-by that an art action was going on along the main street.The performance can be viewed now in (A MOz art action 1 by Laura Cristin and D. Della Rossa)and (part 2, in KV397 by Mozart ending with my earth beating)that can be also reached on my channel Hope you enjoy it!


Anonymous Guest

Jerry 09 Jan 2007

Great expression!

bianca 08 Jan 2007

great imagination

Emily Reed 08 Jan 2007

Super cool imagery!!!!