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In memory of Teddy Kollek

"Teddy was Jerusalem and Jerusalem was Teddy." That is one of the many tributes that have been paid to the former mayor of the city Teddy Kollek, who has died ,Jan ,2 2007,at the age of 95. Kollek was known as a tireless advocate of Israeli-Palestinian coexistence in Jerusalem. He was re-elected five times to the post of mayor in Jerusalem. " Teddy Kollek was the ultimate model of a mayor and Israeli and Jewish leader. He knew how to chart, with remarkable personal skill, interminable dedication, life wisdom and sound judgment, the path of this city, which is unique in its kind in the world; a city over which national, international, communal, political and religious struggles are waged; a city of both sacred and mundane; a city which is home to Jews, Christians and Moslems, religious, ultra-Orthodox and secular; a city towards which the eyes of the entire Jewish world looks, and which has been the focal point of diplomatic struggles and negotiations on every important podium on earth. For me, as well as for many other mayors, Teddy Kollek served as the paragon of a leader and mayor from whom we learned about the experience, professional and wise management of the city of Jerusalem. We learned that the character and personality of a mayor is his most important asset. And, indeed, Teddy's charismatic personality influenced more than anything else the city's development and the ability to preserve within it the balance and dialogue among the various sectors of the population. Teddy was blessed with the remarkable ability to befriend the magnates of the world and solicit donations on behalf of Jerusalem. He devoted himself to this endeavor like a master artist, becoming one of the best-known, most widely accepted and most beloved Israeli leaders among Diaspora Jewry." - Zeev Bielski...He was definitely a HUGE Man.May he rest in peace.........Photos of JERUSALEM Taken Nov,25 06.Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Michael Forbus 06 Jan 2007

Nira, my dear, I love the photography and the narrative is so moving and I love it when you give us history of your country. Very tender and powerful man. Great piece of work. Miguel

Olga van Dijk 06 Jan 2007


Artist Reply: Thanks alot ,Olga..enjoy your weekend!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 06 Jan 2007

Clearly a very valuable human being and a necessary force for good in your part of the world. He will be sadly missed! Great photos!

geoff cooper 06 Jan 2007

great pictures

Jerry 06 Jan 2007

Fantastic pictures, views or great location! I LOVE IT!

Artist Reply: thanks so very much , Jerry for such great comments..enjoy your weekend!