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John Cappello 06 Jul 2012


jamie baughman 08 Jan 2009

Beautiful watercolor! I love the subject and the colors that you chose. AWESOME WORK!!

Kovács János 08 Jan 2009

wow! :))

margaret mckeehan 11 Aug 2008

WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam Pinson 26 Jun 2008

Olga, Fantastic Job! I played French Horn for 4 years and they are one of the hardest instrument's to play in an orchestra! You've done wonders here

Gina Cowins 05 Jun 2008

Olga, love your color patterns, nice painting. Gina

Shoshana Kertesz 23 Dec 2007

Very nice! I also painted the french horn once and it`s hard because of all those tubes, but you did a good job! French horn is the best instrument! (My husband is a horn player)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 18 Dec 2007

Olga-really wonderful, dynamic piece. I love how you depict instruments and all your other fantastic work!

Svitozar Nenyuk 06 Sep 2007

Fantastic work!!!

Janice Blocker 16 May 2007

I love all your works about music...I love music...These are great

Paul Traudt 09 May 2007

great work

jamie winter 09 Apr 2007


Julie Mayser 26 Mar 2007

A wonderful painting! Great design and color.... I love this French Horn for its coiled beauty, and love it for the wonderful sound it produces as well!

Arnel Sarmiento 01 Mar 2007

This is beautiful. I need to do some of this musical instruments. A++

Hanna Stawska 28 Feb 2007

Great design and beautiful colors! I love your musical instruments!

Joanna Jungjohann 18 Feb 2007

excellent art, my friend!

mary khodadad 09 Feb 2007

fantastic ....

dimitris voyiazoglou 06 Feb 2007

This is amazingly pretty Olga!

stephanie atlee 03 Feb 2007

This is just great...love the style and sense of depth...great job

Sara Deutsch 22 Jan 2007

Stunning color and design...

Rita Niblock 22 Jan 2007

Great composition...........I love the colors, and boldness of this piece.

mitch darte 22 Jan 2007

Love it...

pam nesbit 21 Jan 2007

i am in awe of your work.and thank you for the lovely comment.

Jennifer Hewitt 17 Jan 2007

wow this is great!!! gorgeous colours!

Konstantina Daskalaki 15 Dec 2006

I love your work too Olga this one is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

Sylvia Jackovitch-Kallay 14 Dec 2006

This series is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!Everything comes alive.

April Morrison 13 Dec 2006

Oh! the French horn has such beautiful design! very lovely work...I'm from quite the musical family! thanks for the welcome! April/Avril

Aaron Acker 07 Dec 2006

I love it... great work,,, i may be biased being an ex-french horn player, but I love it.

Lynn De Serres 07 Dec 2006

Olga, your musical intraments is among the very finest of all series. My nephew is a musicial and I will make sure he looks at this series and your entire gallery.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 25 Nov 2006

THIS IS FANTASTIC..............................KEEP IT UP................LOV SANDI

Janet Gioffre Harrington 25 Nov 2006

this is so JAZZY!! Love it. Very vibrant watercolor!!

Doris B. Lambling 22 Nov 2006

vibrant and vivid - full of joyfull musical power. fantastic as always, Olga :))

william maldonado 20 Nov 2006


Kathryn Arruda 20 Nov 2006

Inspiring use of color, I love the motifs & your batik technique!

gregg dutcher 19 Nov 2006

Super cool imagery,...love this painting!!!!

Cher Peterson 19 Nov 2006

Another marvelous image in your musical instrument series. Love the textures behind the French horns, and the stylized perspective. Simply wonderful!

Ben Kiger 19 Nov 2006

this is my cup of tea , I LIKE IT SO MUCH.

Debbie Gray 19 Nov 2006

Awesome work! :0)

Cathy Holford 19 Nov 2006

This is so beautiful and well detailed!

Barbara Beck 18 Nov 2006

this is electric! i simply love your work - so fresh and full of energy. it reminds me a quote by john ruskin: "The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most."

Trine Meyer Vogsland 18 Nov 2006

I love the 3D effects you get from the tiles in the background

Liz Robinson 18 Nov 2006

Lovely painting Olga, full of life.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 17 Nov 2006

You do manage to create a variety of fantastic work, Olga. I need to take some time to wander through your gallery. You amaze me everytime. I love the colours!

epsylon lyrae 17 Nov 2006

Lovely picture, I love especially the colors and geometry :D

Pepita Selles 17 Nov 2006

Like it Olga,a great teqnice and motive.....And Merry christmas back.We artist must start in time*S*

Olga Dmytrenko 17 Nov 2006

Amazing work, Olga! I can hear music:). Jazz, for some reason:)!

William Boyer 17 Nov 2006

far out

Meg Murray 17 Nov 2006

Olga the deeinsion , the color and the happy tones make my heart feel as if I am hearing music...

Penny Myers 16 Nov 2006

Sensational watercolor.

Analua 16 Nov 2006

Absolutely superb colors, theme and design!!! Gorgeous!!!