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KLAPROOS© (Dutch for Poppy)

A Coquelicot, Mohnblume, Papavero, Amapola, Papoula, POPPY.
(French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English)

"...The poppy was dancing in summer cornfields. The morning breeze was her partner. She swung and she curtsied like she bowed. She spread her scarlet skirt and bent her fluffy head so low, that her slender stem seemed in danger of breaking..."

I love the red color of the wild Poppy.
Its nearly red, like orange mixed with scarlet, gives bright splashes of color in summer cornfields.
I used over 10 different colors of red!
Poppies will thrive almost anywhere; they can be enjoyed in the wild, but they are also grown for ornament.

The poppy flower has been the inspiration for many artists.
One of the most famous paintings is Claude MONET's -Poppy Fields at Argenteuil- (1873).
Georgia O'KEEFFE Poppy (1927) Red Poppy, and Oriental Poppies (1928)

There is a French Children's song about a poppy/ chant populaire:
"...J'ai descendu dans mon jardin (bis)
Pour y cueillir du romarin.
Gentil coqu'licot, Mesdames.
Gentil coqu'licot nouveau..."

Dimensions: 20'x16' (50x40 cm )
This acrylic is painted in a variety of reds on a stretched canvas with gallery wrapped edges over a wooden frame.
Painted staple free sides.
Painting doesn't need a frame.


Copyright Olga van Dijk 2006
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.
This is another OlgArtsProduction©2006


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Tim Linville 18 Mar 2014

Beautiful,Indepth Details,and Colorwork :)

John Cappello 17 Jan 2014

Such a Nice scene, I am very impressed with the Details. It has Captured me. Very well presented

Darlene Bayne 03 Jun 2011

Gorgeous macro with rich full color.

jen wilson 15 Nov 2010

Love Poppies,nice!

Dominique GUIGUES 04 Jul 2010

Y love it !

Anonymous Guest (IP: 02 Jul 2009

Beautiful work!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 07 Jul 2008

heyyyyyyyyyy poppys my name!!!!!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 11 Apr 2008

Your work is wonderful. there is a likeness to Georgia O'Keefe. Thank you for your comment on my artwork. Georgia O'Keefe is one of my favorite artists and I can see definitely inspires us both. :)

Gaynor Lewis 12 Mar 2008

Wonderful work ~ beautiful and rich!

Marlene Piccolin 24 Nov 2007

Thanks for your great comment on "Siblings". This is beautiful. Always in awe of watercolorists.

Artist Reply: But this one is an acrylic!! Thanks for your kind comment! Regards, OLGA

Laurin Swango 16 Nov 2007

why thank you! This is lovely... I love poppies. The colors and placement are beautiful!

Angie Swihart 13 Nov 2007

This is LOVELY!!!!! I love poppies.just gorgeous!

gerry logan 20 Oct 2007

fantastic work love the color you have used on this it is very nice.

Gerard Johnson II 14 Oct 2007

Outstanding work!

Analua 14 Sep 2007


Gwen Lewis 16 Jul 2007

You have really captured the essence of the poppy here; they are so full of movement even when not actually moving, and your colouring is superb. :) Gwen.

kathryn semolic 09 May 2007

This one is just my style, Olga! I love it. REDS, YES!!!

Susan Rodio 03 Apr 2007

This is fantastic Olga. You did a great job!!

Jennifer Hewitt 12 Mar 2007

fantastic work! i love the colours in this flower

Hanna Stawska 04 Mar 2007

Lovely colors, Olga:)!

Jeanie Chadwick 17 Feb 2007

Olga, I just planted some poppies in the fall. Your poppy paintings are what Iwould hope for them to look like. So much life and feeling in them. Thank you for looking at my work also. Blessings, Jeanie

carole keen 04 Feb 2007

Fantastic floral!

Robert Ryan 26 Jan 2007

I love this Olga! Beautiful composition and rich stylized detail... just gorgeous!

joseph mcfarlane 23 Jan 2007

well!!!! great colour very rich in all the shades of reds

Tom and Susan Repasky 18 Jan 2007

Your works are so stunning Olga!! This painting is excellent, with the perfect colors and textures!! The text to accompany this beautiful poppy is wonderful!! So wonderful!! ~S

Barbara Furlong 15 Dec 2006

wonderful wonderful, poppies are soooo much fun to paint!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 15 Dec 2006

Lovely colours Olga.

Matthew Campbell 01 Dec 2006

well done!

Debbie Gray 19 Nov 2006

I love flowers, and this is just gorgeous! The Poppy is such a sweet flower, and you created it beautifully! :0)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 11 Nov 2006

geniet van je mooie expositie. Jouw schilderij hangt trots in de keuken, staat heel mooi,Doei, Judith

jO ANNA jARVIS 28 Oct 2006

Olga....I don't know how I missed this...This is Lovely...Wonderful flower and color!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Oct 2006

Fantastic depth of colour, brilliant Angelina's SIS

laurie vakil 25 Oct 2006

stunning work.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 23 Oct 2006

I love the painting. Such vibrant colors and beautiful line. Thanks for sharing the artwork. Jamie

Anonymous Guest (IP: 23 Oct 2006


Robert Rachel 21 Oct 2006

Beautiful, so lovely and beautiful flower, Great colours!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Oct 2006

Nice work indeed!

Barbara Beck-Azar 20 Oct 2006

magnificent poppy - i see we both have a great love for flowers! now on to look at more of your works.

Katerina Koukiotis 20 Oct 2006

olga this is amazing acrylic work i love the colors it looks so realistic

Carla Klosowski 19 Oct 2006

Just beautiful!!

Arlene Ehleben 19 Oct 2006

Stunning work, Olga. You are a master with color!

Natalie G 19 Oct 2006

Wonderful colors! Fabulous work!!

Eileen Kasprick 19 Oct 2006

Very vibrant and beautiful. What size is it?

Anonymous Guest (IP: 18 Oct 2006

I can't believe you painted that! I goes with my party clothes! Beautiful! MARY

Anonymous Guest (IP: 18 Oct 2006


jerene simmons 18 Oct 2006

Just beautiful Olga!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 18 Oct 2006

Ja die poppy is ook heeel mooi, heel wulps en mooi met dat licht er op. ---G.P

maggie Barra 18 Oct 2006


Johnny M 16 Oct 2006

*Hi there! Wow! I can almost smell it (I know, these don't have a smell like a rose or something, lol) It looks like an image in the movie 'Heavy Metal' where at the beginning when the corvette drops from space, and drives down the road going home, then parks and he opens the trunk and takes out the LocNar...right beside the car are flowers such as this! All of your works look great Olga! Keep it up! Take care!

Gabriele Swanson 16 Oct 2006

How beautiful Olga.

Sara Deutsch 16 Oct 2006

Rich and vibrant florascape....

Aris Stathakis 16 Oct 2006

this is awesome Olga, well done!

Rob ijbema 16 Oct 2006

wow! in your face beauty!

K L Marsala 16 Oct 2006

wow olga, i do love the intense colors of poppys. you and nelly i believe do the best at these. keep it up girl!

Carliss Mora 16 Oct 2006

So very potent, and lovely, Olga!!

Christine brand 16 Oct 2006

Wonderul subject and passionate colors...Wow!

wim denijs 15 Oct 2006

In Flanders Fields , were the poppys grows , nice colors Olga , next will try a picture of a poppy , like red colors

C DeMaio 15 Oct 2006


Ginger Lovellette 15 Oct 2006

Awesome acrylic painting, Olga! Excellent work!

Mikha Arthur 14 Oct 2006

RedPassion is my first impression.. wow -acrylic? Phew.. even with oil I've got many problem-

sue kramer 14 Oct 2006

stunning very beautiful colors and lovely art work

Armando Salas 14 Oct 2006

Preciosa amapola.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 14 Oct 2006

je bent echt hartstikke goed zeg. Ben benieuwd wanneer je art gallery hier in zuid afrika komt...... Love Marina.

Cynthia Adams 14 Oct 2006

Stunning Olga,absolutely stunning.

Julia Robson 14 Oct 2006

This is fantastic - I just love it !

Nira Dabush 14 Oct 2006

Simply warm and SO BEAUTIFUL Flower,Olga

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 14 Oct 2006

Hello Olga! How are you? Love your poppy. So sumptous and sediuctive. Beautifully painted. (Just got back from Ansterdam. I just fell in love with it!) Brilliant artwork!

Brigitte Hintner 14 Oct 2006

Hi Olga, your saying the poppy flower has been the inspiration for many artistst ....of course ,that's true !!!! The poppies are so unique in shape and colour ......and yours is an example for their beauty !!! Bravo !

Chas Sinklier 14 Oct 2006

Whoa Olga Yummy Pic -:0)

KC CHANG 14 Oct 2006


stephanie atlee 14 Oct 2006

This is awesome...the colors and textures are wonderful...great job on this

Joanna Jungjohann 14 Oct 2006

POPPY, just lovely, ms Olga!

Lucia Stewart 14 Oct 2006

Wow, awesome and fabulous ART Olga, love the strong colours!

renee lavoie 14 Oct 2006

wow ..Olga, this is really gorgeous work . I love it!!!

helen tyralik 14 Oct 2006

lovely,well done

chuck vest 13 Oct 2006

brilliant color as well as composition Olga

Brenda Loveless 13 Oct 2006

oh so gorgeous...very rich and radiant!

Reba McDonald 13 Oct 2006

Stunning work Olga.

Renata Cavanaugh 13 Oct 2006

Gorgeous work Olga!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 13 Oct 2006

Gorgeous stunning art,Olga!!!:)

Tiffany Pacileo 13 Oct 2006

Wonderful, Olga! Love the colors - beautiful!

Rita de Falussy 13 Oct 2006

Just beautiful. SO soft, velvety, the colors are striking, it is perfect harmony.

Terry Bassett 13 Oct 2006

Lovely painting.. Nice one Olga! :-)

Marilyn Comparetto 13 Oct 2006

A beautiful piece of work well done!

Jerie kunitsky 13 Oct 2006

Alas, I finally see this wonderous work. It is truly magnificant..Just incredible.

Loredana 13 Oct 2006


Joke Schotting 13 Oct 2006


Eva Rogers 13 Oct 2006

lovely olga

debbie collier 13 Oct 2006

Beautifully done!!!! Amazing color!!!

Anne Vis 13 Oct 2006

Awesome vibrant work, Olga!

Cristina Marsi 13 Oct 2006

WOW! At first i thought it was a photo. Excellent details :)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Oct 2006

this is incredible the vibrancy and I love your discription too

Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Oct 2006

as always....................good work. Fred

Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Oct 2006

Gorgeous! Olga this is truly spectactular! John PG.

thea walstra 13 Oct 2006

Gorgeous and awesome work Olga

Patty Day 13 Oct 2006

EXCELLENT WORK OLGA!!!!! Beautiful just beautiful!!!!

Laura Horning 13 Oct 2006


Nancy Mattei 13 Oct 2006

This is absolutely beautiful, Olga! You have amazing talent!!

bert cortes 13 Oct 2006

Excellent acrylic work, Olga.

teresa greene 13 Oct 2006

Very pretty

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 13 Oct 2006

marvellous, MARVELLOUS!!!!!!!!!

Emily Reed 13 Oct 2006

And a beauty it is. So incredible to watch you work and then see it here in all its glory for the world to see. Awesome, awesome work. Wish it were hanging with the others at Chester County! It belongs there.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Oct 2006

I want It! Your fantastic! I hope you remember the little people when you are famous. Joyce

Eva Britt 13 Oct 2006

Gorgeous artwork,. Wonderful colors

cynthia berridge 13 Oct 2006

brilliant art work Olga

Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Oct 2006

That is soooooooooo beautiful! Janet

Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Oct 2006

Nou-nou, je kunt er wat van !!!! Heeft het succes van je piano-collage je geínspireerd? Succes met je schilderwerk,Kus en hug, liefs, Mamma