The Bugler

This is a bull elk calling for mates. I had originally wanted to make "fog" coming from his mouth to make it appear cold, but I tired and tried, and decided against it to keep from ruining it. I'll try again later on another piece! :-)


Anonymous Guest

T.D. Ruley 14 Feb 2007

your work is so amazes me how some people can percieve reality so well, while others like myself, could only fathom surreality. you've done well, Cheryl. Great job!

Tom and Susan Repasky 08 Jan 2007

This is a beautifully drawn piece of art Cheryl!! You have an amazingly high attention to detail in this piece!! The foggy breath would have been interesting, however, this is wonderful as is!! Excellent work!!! ~S

Meena Kurup 18 Dec 2006

just wordless...this is real much expression of if its straining its neck to hear some movement ot noice.ur very talented.

WESTERN ARTWORK By Denny Karchner 02 Dec 2006

You found a way to my heart, a pretty young artist who loves to draw wildlife, especially an elk. Great piece Cheryl.--Denny

Jerry 07 Oct 2006

Wonderful picture and balance!