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Cool Water: Collaboralchemy Art Series

This is a Collaboralchemy Art Series Artwanted Members Challenge. The idea for participating artist is to contact another artist and use their art to create new art. This may be add new elements, manipulations, or inspired art from the original art. In some cases, mulitple artists may take turns to complete a work. A wonderful idea that was posted in our forum that I hope will continue forever. I hope you like it! Out of respect for the original artist/s I will not be offering it for sale without all artist involved agreement. I am signing the work I did with all the artist names as well because it was a collaboration work. I could not have created my new work without their original work. Please let us know what you think of our works. Perhaps we can see if the webhost wil add this as a new catogory to browse works under in the future if there is enough interest. Thank you!


Anonymous Guest

Andrew Hunter 29 Sep 2007

This is superb Terry

Artist Reply: Thanks Andrew! I need to take some time to work on more paintings. Swans are such beautiful birds, and add to that the contrasts and beauty of water.

tazda lawson 02 Oct 2006

Dang I wish I did this now.........simply great.

Artist Reply: Well, maybe we can ask to do it again. Seems to have gone over well. I'd have fun doing one of yours for sure. Thanks Tazda!

Anonymous Guest 02 Oct 2006

Excellent work. Love the surface of the water especially.

Artist Reply: Thank you! I wanted to make it more beautiful to go with the swan's beauty. I'm glad you liked the results I came up with.

Blue Doll 02 Oct 2006

amazingly done Terry.... WONDERFULL!!! ;o)

Artist Reply: Thank you Blue Doll! I enjoy trying to find a new muse to work on. The member's challnege was enchanting, I couldn't not try some.

debbie collier 01 Oct 2006

Awesome work!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Debbie! The collaboralchemy challenge is one I loved. Hope this will continue on. Would love to do more.

thea walstra 01 Oct 2006

Great job!

Artist Reply: Thank you Thea! Emily's works are so beautiful. I didn't want to try to top one of hers, so looked for photos, and there was this cute cat.

Laurie Crouse 01 Oct 2006

Very nice collaboration work Terry!

Artist Reply: Thanks Laurie! The swan is so beautiful a bird, I love working with them as a subject.

Patty Day 01 Oct 2006

Marvelous job!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Patty for all you wonderful comments on my work!

Joke Schotting 01 Oct 2006


Artist Reply: Thank you Joke! I so enjoyed doing this one for the challenge!

Linda Bertiaux 01 Oct 2006

Oh, there are no words to how great this is!!

Artist Reply: LOL! Linda, I guess I should do more swans? I've been meaning to, I took some photos of black swans last year and haven't gotten around to doing anything with them. I can already se the purple I will have t use in them!

Emily Reed 01 Oct 2006

Just so beautiful. Love how you did the water.

Artist Reply: Thank you Emily! I love water fowl, and often the water just doesn't do them justice. Swans are so magical a bird to me, I wanted to make the water turn to match some of the bird's beauty.

Jerry 01 Oct 2006

Lovely work and upgrade!

Artist Reply: Thanks Jerry! Cathie took a beautiful swan pose in her photo. I love awans, and this one was one I couldn't resist!