Evil Pecker

We have alot of woodpeckers here. But in particular like to pound on the mettel gutter at the crack of dawn. Every day!!! I've tried the wooden owl thing and he just pecked him apart.

It had no eyes! An a big hole in the back of the head. I would shoot him at this point. But I don't own a gun.

I had taken a pic of him as he was pounding my gutter. He is prity and need something to do. So I just let my pencil flow. An this is the end result. Once again I have done something I still can't beleive I did. An this only took 4 1/2 hours to do.

I'm thinking of selling it as a print. I don't know. It doesn't seem to be liked by everyone.

Drawn with a Quicker Clicker 0.5 Mechanical pencil Colored with one red Prang pencil and Quicker Clicker 0.5 Mechanical pencil Scanded with the EVIL @$&#ing scaner


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Jerry 17 Sep 2006

Lovely drawing and soft colors!

bert cortes 16 Sep 2006

Very good pencil work, Jenny.