Aby and Caleb

Here's 2 avatars I did for another order I've had for a while now. It's of two characters, Aby (left) and Caleb (right). They were done in 600DPI, and then resized, and compressed, to be avatars for Furcadia. It took a long time, but there ya have it. ^_^ It didn't take me long to do. Quick sketching and coloring. It was done in PSP8 after skeching and inking to scan it in. "Aby" is supposed to have stiff spikey hair, while "Caleb" is a sort of raptor. The stripes are supposed to be somewhat neon in color. I didn't want to go TOO bright, I didn't want it to look like he fell into a vat of paint. -.-;;


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Larissa Ferreira 09 Aug 2006

I thought it funny ^_^

Artist Reply: Funny? o.o;; Thanks for the comment! ^_^

Jerry 08 Aug 2006

Great computer work and coloring!

Artist Reply: Thank you! ^_^