Men In Black

This is a fun, funky large abstract piece that I only used black and white pigments to create. Carbon Black and Titanium White; and of course, there are some gray areas where the pigments blend a bit. The focal point here is the 5 dark, sinister (?) figures (with hats) standing there as though waiting for a showdown or a shootout. At least one of them seems a bit perplexed with his head tilted in such a way as if to say "huh?" The viewer is left to wonder what in the world these five guys are looking at? They've definitely got a lot of personality and remind me of the wild west (a spaghetti western, perhaps?) The background on this piece is basically a staticy mix of contrasting blacks and whites and grays that lead your eye directly to the five men in black. Deep 1.5" Sides painted black. Diane G. Casey


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Nayana Glazier 07 Aug 2006

very interesting and graphic, I like it

Emily Reed 06 Aug 2006

Groovy, so cool!!! Peace, my friend!