Got Milk?

(c)2006 Does this tyrannosaurus rex look hungry or thirsty? Either way, I'm sure he'll be satisfied. hehe :O)


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Jay Amatangelo 17 May 2006

I'm going to have to agree with Analua. I think he is thinking Booty call!

Artist Reply: ROTFL!!!!!

Analua 15 May 2006

Eh!Eh! I think he is in love with this lovely caw!!!!

Mayme Crouse 14 May 2006

leave it to you to bring you a laugh..too funny Cow looks a little worried

Emily Reed 13 May 2006

Oh Gregg, the best ever!!!!!

bianca thomas 13 May 2006

...........this is cute Gregg...hehehhehe and funny too...

Ginger Lovellette 13 May 2006

Your sense of humor is the tops, Gregg!!!

Joke Schotting 13 May 2006

Very humorous,Gregg!!!

Timothy Hughes 13 May 2006

Great work!

Chris Williams 13 May 2006


Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 13 May 2006

this is GORGEOUS and FANTASTIC again!! I loved to protect the cow...


Very bright colors, good, funny drawing. Very humorous, Gregg.