Tractor Beam Assistance

(c)2006 Everyone has heard of drafting. They do it in professional car racing. Try it with a semi-truck driver and you'll probably end up with a ticket from the highway patrol. We have many inventions today first seen in Star Trek, but how bout borrowing some of that 24th century technology to help us little guys cope with soaring gas prices. We could equip commercial trucks with fusion reactors for plenty of power, and a rear end tractor beams so we can "legally" get a free ride! hehe (Yes, I realize this cartoon is a real stretch!) (NOTE: When driving behind a semi-truck, you should be far enough behind so you can see the driver in his mirror. Remember, if you can't see him, he probably can't see you,...and will drive accordingly! Safe driving to you all.) :O)

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Olga van Dijk 13 Aug 2007

Absolutely fantastic!--

Thomas Broadfoot 02 May 2006

You do come up with some fine visuals


How funny & wild, Gregg. What a way to improve traffic congestion.

Analua 01 May 2006

Very nice!!! Great idea! Simply fabulous Gregg!!!

Joke Schotting 01 May 2006

Great work,Gregg!!!