This was a collaboration with the Artist James McPartlin. Heather is a good friend of mine, and her dad's birthday is coming up and so I thought this would be a nice birthday surprise (I hope he likes it).


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anna Lo Bello 14 May 2014


cynthia berridge 10 Jan 2007

awesome art work

marc doutherd 24 Oct 2006

Well looks like I have missed out on much! Outstanding portrait!!!! I mean its Beautifuuuul!!

Laura Smith 26 Sep 2006

Beautiful portrait! Lovely details very nicely done!!

Ben DeBiase 06 Aug 2006

this is a really really great painting! so how are you collaborating on this? i am curious, he is another one i watch in our community here....i can see this one in a museum!

Leo Da 28 Jul 2006

Well done.

Matthew Campbell 26 Jul 2006

well done!

Carla Silva 22 Jul 2006

Fantastic portrait.

Sylvia Jackovitch-Kallay 17 Jul 2006

I like the contrast in this very nice portrait!

Bobba Quimba 19 Jun 2006

This is very good, the textures the eyes, the clouds (always tough to do, especially with acrylic. Very much alive

Libbe Bouma 15 Jun 2006

Fabulous portrait..

Bob Berthelotte 07 Jun 2006

Very nice portrait. I can certainly sense her personality.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 01 Jun 2006

Hi Cath, As Dad I obviously find it difficult to comment in an objective fashion, being so close to the subject. To say I am delighted with this is a gross understatement. You have captured her beauty perfectly but, more than that, you have also managed to capture aspects of her character which I would have thought, owing to years of exposure, only I could have seen. Thank you very very much

Artist Reply: You are so welcome Bill, I hope this brings you real pleasure...Cath xxx

ruthann emerson lange 31 May 2006

wonderful artististic talent and detail awesome work

Gary Glass 31 May 2006

How could he not it is such beautiful work.. very nice painting and detail

~Katie~ . 28 May 2006

very nice! and very perfect!!!

Marilyn Comparetto 27 May 2006

This is a fantastic painting well done!

Susan Chasteen 25 May 2006

you have wonderful talent Cathie

chuck vest 20 May 2006

this is a great painting Cathie

Babis Kiliaris 18 May 2006

Cathie!!! just I discover your work... It's really fantastic. But this one is perfect!!!

Analua 17 May 2006

How I adore this marvelous paint Cathie!!!!!!! Gorgeous expression, and great details in all. Gongratulations, it's really a great magnific work!!!

Peter Leahy 17 May 2006

wonderful artwork Cathie!!!

Maddison Jamison 17 May 2006

Beautiful work Cathie. Her eyes dance with delight and the composition is very soothing. I'm sure her dad will just love it!

v blair 17 May 2006

Excellent painting,I have a feeling her Dad is going to love this!

Tanya Ray 14 May 2006

Wonderful work you two!

Luther Krider 14 May 2006

Astonishing Cathie

James McPartlin 14 May 2006

Fantastic work, Cath, I'm proud to be a part of this, the overall effect is quite stunning, Bill and Heather will be totally delighted with this, the likeness is perfect, she is gorgeous!

Lucia Stewart 13 May 2006


mat lloyd 13 May 2006

excellent work!!

Terry Harris 12 May 2006

Wonderful work!

terry waites 12 May 2006

Stunning work Cathie

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 12 May 2006

This is a very strong portrait. I like the pose against the tree. The texture of the tree is very realistic and the woman appears relaxed in contrast with the racing clouds in the blue sky behind her. Brilliant artwork lovingly conceived. Brilliant artwork!

Joke Schotting 12 May 2006

Beautiful work,Kathie!!!!

Ginger Lovellette 12 May 2006

Great portrait!

Reba McDonald 12 May 2006

A beautiful portrait Cathie.

joan warburton 12 May 2006

Wonderful strong features and lovely smile, she's awesome!

Vera Harned 11 May 2006

Beautiful work!

bianca thomas 11 May 2006

Man u can never tell this acrylic...wow....looks like photo...wow..............AWSOME WORK CATHIE

Renata Cavanaugh 11 May 2006

Beautiful portrait....she has such a sweet face. Such an awesome gift!

Ana Tirolese 11 May 2006

This is wonderful.

Chris Williams 11 May 2006

beautiful portrait

Terry Bassett 11 May 2006

Great portrait Cath.. the background works really well in projecting the figure forwards.. Excellent!! :-)

renee lavoie 11 May 2006

wow! really awesome work!!

thea walstra 11 May 2006

Outstanding and very beautiful Cath. a big 10!!

Timothy Hughes 11 May 2006

Great painting!!

Emily Reed 11 May 2006

OMG, Cathie! FanTaStic!!!!!!!

Anne Vis 11 May 2006

I bet he does! Beautiful work, Cathie!

PMyers 11 May 2006

Wow, this is beautiful. Love her skin tones. I know her dad will love this, who wouldn't.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 11 May 2006

beautiful portrait, GREAT painting, Cathie~~~~ love it!!!

José Fortunato 11 May 2006

This is a great portrait Cathie !

Loredana 11 May 2006

Love this Cathie fantastic work :)

Laurie Brookes 11 May 2006

Wow! It's an awesome portrait! I like your style very much, it shows so much character and personality. I am sure her father will love it!