Panda Bear

San Diego Zoo....Panda!

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Anonymous Guest

Vincent von Frese 27 Jun 2008

A Beautiful shot!

Randy Kroll 09 Mar 2007

Awesome photo Mary! Love It!!!

Karie Goffic 08 Mar 2007

Love this photo,great timing

Chris Williams 01 May 2006

love this

Christine brand 01 May 2006

Very lovely shot! Adorable Panda! Very nice composing...My Favorite BEAR...endangered too...maybe one day this might be all the world has left is phtos like this of the gorgeous creature, although I hope with all my heart not...It's great to see you out shooting and enjoying the sights of the world..I can't wait to see what else you do...Keep posting them, My Dearest "Iron Butterfly!" Now they know you by least some do! I hope you had a Blessed Birthday...You and Miss Possible!! I send my love and prayers and Presents late but on the way...did you get the answering machine message? May you live forever...Love You Madly Truly Deeply Do!! Chris...Go check out Joseph Moran...his work is AWEsome and he is a Great Guy, very sensitive and kind...For some reason he seems like and Angel...that name Moran meanings something significant only I can't tell you what right now. Call me and I will tell you...Later!