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Korean Palace

I visited South Korea in 2002 and a friend showed me around a palace (forgotten the name) in Seoul. Apparently this was a very important palace but during the Japanese occupation of Korea they turned the place into a zoo, something the Korean people are not impressed with. Renovating the palace and restoring it as a national treasure has helped build up the pride of the people of South Korea. I wanted to try to capture the building design in a different way that I had been doing with Japanese temples and Chinese structures, which are very similar (no surprise) and so I stood below this corner with a 20mm lens and tried to capture the peacock feather pattern of the architecture.


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Tracey Loftis 21 Oct 2006

You have a really nice eye Peter. I love the composition here very much. The muted colors are quite interesting as well.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Tracy. I tried to find a different way from my usual style of photographing this old palace. I was pleased with the graphic design from this angle though it was a struggle to get the symmetry right.

Leo Da 28 Jul 2006

nice shot

Christine brand 01 May 2006

Wow! what a GREAT Shot very impressive!!! Excellent idea and great detail...what a treat!

Deborah Martin 01 May 2006

Great perspective.......

bianca thomas 18 Apr 2006

great details, nicely composed.....good colours....this surely deserves 10 from most technical aspects......PEACE and SMILES from Bianca

Betty Schwartz 13 Apr 2006

What incredible construction! And you have captured every intricate detail with perfection! Have to leave now - I'm getting dizzy!!!

Emily Reed 12 Apr 2006

Excellent architectural imagery!!!

Lucia Stewart 12 Apr 2006

Excellent shot, very interestingly done!

Reba McDonald 11 Apr 2006

A neat angle Peter.

Bluemoonshadow 11 Apr 2006

A very tiny portion of a "Big picture," a well taken photo, as always... I get caught up in small macro details, or the view from a far.... my neck hurts if I look up in this angle, so thanks for the view I always miss...:-) Cheers