Sphere One

Any early spherical drawing done in 1983, during my first stay in Japan. The background highlights the complexity of our collective reality while the sphere symbolizes the way even complicated things are interconnected and form a perfect unity, when you look at them from a distance... I also sometimes look at this and feel reminded of the way new life grows within LIFE, there is a womb-like feeling here for me, or a sense of the pearl coming into being within the shell... The image of the sphere of course is one of the Universe's recurring and most beautiful creations... Similar shapes have been used in the surreal art of Escher and Magritte, so this idea is nothing new... I'm very influenced by Taoism and Zen, which emphasize the circle... for me spheres evoke this same "truth" about the mysterious multidimensional reality we all inhabit...

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 02 Mar 2012

Texture! Like zazen when it's clicking. Ed B

sandra Lazarides 25 May 2006

ooooooooooooooooooo !!!!! sensual...

jennifer pickering 15 May 2006


Marie WingerMeyer 13 May 2006

This is a very interesting symbolism you describe -- the image has both impact and gravity. Again your patterning brings a sure sense of order that helps to carry your message!

Lara Falcone 13 May 2006

Love the straight lines constrasted by the sphere, wonderful text as well. (sorry for the double posts)