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What are we celebrating today...CHEERS,Nelly

Today,we are celebrating,Nelly's you my dear friend..wishing you to see only the LIGHT..Stay as beautiful , gorgeous ,And so very talented as you are always...And i'm sure you will.I LOVE YOU...HUGS,CHEERS..!!........p.s:birthday link to her party :-)

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 09 May 2010

absolutely extraordinary and super amazing collage like the lady herself! Lovely to hear from you Nira and thank you for your lovely words! olga savvidis

Hiromi Green 25 Feb 2008

I love your birthday series, Nira. Superb tribute to talented Nelly!

walt larsen 23 Oct 2007

exquisitely done wow

Greg Dubois 19 Oct 2007

I like Nelly! Your rendering artistically describes her confidence and poise. Very good work Nira!

gregg dutcher 21 Jul 2006

This is great Nira,...I must have been busy at the time. And a be-lated Happy Birthday to Nelly as well!!!!!