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These orbs that you see in this image are very common in many of my photographs...some say it is spirit and I noticed that when my cats seem to see things that I am not, I will take pictures of the places they are looking at and see make my life magical, I want to believe they ARE Spirit...*smile* This was taken just the other morning at about 6:30am...and to my surprise, there they were!

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joe valcourt 31 Oct 2007

very, very nice indeed--wonderful

Christine brand 17 Jun 2006

Hello Anita!! you may not be reading your comments much right now...I have heard about the great loss of your Beloved King! You remember me...I am Christine, the one that told you your heart shaped phto of Allan, your precious husband, looked like a King!!! I was told he is gone to Heaven...Oh, My Anita! I feel so sad and helpless as to what to say. I have never forgotten you two. I would think of you often and smile and be glad that their were people in the world, couples that really cared for each other. I never have had such a relationship and never saw that in my family with my parents...I thought your love was a blessing and something that in it's way could reach many others in the world through the chain. You reached my heart, that is for sure. This is a shock to me...I am sad with you for I know you must be hurting right now. I don't know what to say. I am thinking of you and praying that you will, indeed, feel the Holy Spirit of Comfort at this time. For I know that there are spirits. Surely the comforter is there with you feeling your pain and loss...If only I could give you the right words...but when things like this happen words seem like feathers in the wind. I send my love...Please know that there are others who care...(Sincerely Christine )Here is the answer to your lovely phto...Yes there are spirits...We are spirits in a material world!! God be with you my is a sweet healing of the soul to see one search for truth and bring love to the world such as you and Allan have...

Artist Reply: Dearest Christine, Your "feathers in the wind" brought me much peace and love and I remember you well, dear friend....I am keeping the faith and I see endless miracles happening around me and I know he walks with me through my grief and pain..he does all he can to make my days easier by placing angels before me constantly...I see him in birds, the sky...each beauty of the world and I feel his presence and know he is with me...and always will be...and it empowers my heart and soul to know I do not walk alone.....ever....thank you Christine for your love and support.....your friend always, Anita

Emily Reed 17 Jun 2006

Simply beautiful! Just great!

Linda Bertiaux 07 Mar 2006

Wow. What a shot. Great job.

Jerry 05 Mar 2006

Most excellent sky or picture!