Portrait of a Gibbon

"Portrait of a Gibbon" is done on a "Clayboard" (not quite scratchboard... higher quality) and is painted, scratched, and painted repeatedly to achieve this effect.

Artwork is 5" x 7", and took approximately 8 hours to complete.

Thanks to everyone who views and comments on my work - it's greatly appreciated!


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 06 Dec 2007

Beautiful work!

debbie collier 10 Aug 2006

Fantastic work!!

Joanne Woolley 25 Mar 2006

I can't believe how great this looks. The wetness of the eye is truely remarkable.

~Katie~ . 20 Mar 2006

amazing detail!!

Vivian Allen 19 Mar 2006

This is absolutely awesome! Superb!!!

Jerry 10 Mar 2006

Superb, sensational, spectacular and most excellent comes to mind when I examine the Clayboard art. I have never seen anything like this before Christina. You certainly are a Master at this medium. You certainly are blessed with a gift most never recieve. You are amazing and highly blessed!

Babis Kiliaris 07 Mar 2006

I cant say a word!!!!! Perfect

Tabitha Borges 07 Mar 2006

what great detail on the fur...great work..:0)

Angie Waszkiewicz 06 Mar 2006

Amazing! I would have thought this a photo!

José Fortunato 06 Mar 2006

What a great detail. Like a close up photo. Bravo

Deborah Martin 05 Mar 2006

Amazing work...so well done!!!!

jim h 05 Mar 2006

that is perfect!! i REALLY like this.

Christine brand 05 Mar 2006


Tara Corbett 04 Mar 2006


Joke Schotting 04 Mar 2006

Great work,Christina!!!!

Fiona Hooper 04 Mar 2006

Absolutely amazing - even better than a photo, Christina!!! You have raised clayboard to a new level!

C DeMaio 04 Mar 2006

wow this is amazing Christina, infinite patience. The eyes are amazing!

Robyn Sturtevant 04 Mar 2006

I can only reiterate what has already been said. Brilliant, Awesome, Fantastic, Beautiful, Outstanding, Amazing, Incredible and I think Precisamos!!

Renata Cavanaugh 04 Mar 2006

Oh my this is fantastic. Brilliant work Christina

Kathryn Arruda 04 Mar 2006

Fantastic! What great skill, the detail is outstanding, and this gibbon's face has such expression! I love the way you rendered his eyes-

Reba McDonald 04 Mar 2006

Beautiful work.

Gary Glass 04 Mar 2006

Your eight hours of work really paid off.. Your realisim and detail is outstanding on your wildlife images..

Kathi Perry 04 Mar 2006

Your patience and execution of the tiniest detail amazes me Christina. This is another perfectly awesome piece of art. :)

susan kinney 04 Mar 2006

awesome details. you are so good at these hairy animals..i love his face ..hes sweet :)

Juan Gomez 04 Mar 2006

Awesome work Christina!!

Andree Lerat 04 Mar 2006

Wow... Your work is fantastic.

Leroy Drumm 04 Mar 2006

Great Photo!! Well done!

Ana Tirolese 04 Mar 2006

Wow! I thought it was a photo. Very well done. Excellent.

Emily Reed 04 Mar 2006

Just awesome, Christina1

Ginger Lovellette 04 Mar 2006

Your scratchboard art is really something. I'll have to check out "clayboard".

thea walstra 04 Mar 2006

An outstanding and very beautiful photograph Christina!

Artist Reply: Thanks Thea... but it's not a photo! :) You might want to take another look... it's clayboard with acrylic paint. :)

v blair 04 Mar 2006

Excellent !!!!!!

Diana Hume 04 Mar 2006

Excellent work Christina! Love the hair! Looks like you've found another medium you excel in!

charles hooper 04 Mar 2006

Excellent shot christina!!!.....very awesome

Artist Reply: Seeing as "shot" refers to "photo" - I assume you thought this was a photo? :) It's actually clayboard with acrylic paint... Thanks for your comment! :)

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 04 Mar 2006

Christina! this is unbelievable!!! Great ARTWORK!! I cannot find the right words to tell my feelings and what my eyes are enjoying.

Armando Salas 04 Mar 2006

Just stunning!!!!!!!!

Austin Teed 03 Mar 2006

very impressive close-up! 10

jane diamond 03 Mar 2006

wow - i thought this was a photograph at first! this is stunning and very talented work Christina! The details are excellent and as a huge lover of gibbons, I can say this is a dead-on likeness! wonderful work! :)

Artist Reply: It's great to see someone who knows Gibbons say this... :) I have to say - I was simply following my reference photo, so I was not too sure if it was a "good" specimin of a Gibbon! Thanks Jane!

Les Jobes 03 Mar 2006

Absolutely mindblowing stuff Christine! It really looks like a photo at first glance.. awesome work! WOW! :o)

ellen blockley 03 Mar 2006

Christina, I know nothing about clayboard, but this is just amazing work. How long did it take you to do this? Your attention to detail is astounding.

Artist Reply: It took between 8 - 10 hours... keep in mind it's only 5X7 - not a large image by any means. 2 sessions, first session almost completed it (6 or 7 hours) then another one to do the finishing touches. Clayboard is great stuff - it really is. Worthwhile for ANYONE to check out. :)

Stephanie Meldgaard 03 Mar 2006

WOW Christina, I had to double look to make sure I was indeed looking at a photo, AND TO MY BIGGEST SURPRISE found out that it was NOT....What a GREAT piece!!!!

Artist Reply: Truly the best compliment I can receive (personally anyways) is for someone to mistake my work for photography. :) Thank you for your lovely comment, it made me smile!

joan warburton 03 Mar 2006

Amazing work Christina! The fur detail is fantastic.

Linda Bertiaux 03 Mar 2006


Nancy Costley 03 Mar 2006

Magnificent! How deep are the scratches, very impressed.

Artist Reply: The scratches are done with an X-acto knife (very fine scalpel like blade) and are not deep at all. The board is fine white clay, with a black ink over top, which I then painted over, and scratched through to the white. Any deeper and it would scratch through right to the board. :)

eileen martin 03 Mar 2006

wow the realism is amazing, you are so extremely talented!:)