This was a wee collaberation with my brother James...


Anonymous Guest

Robin Brown 17 Mar 2007

I cant even spell collaboration but I can spell superb

John Enright 13 Jun 2006

lovely work and subject Cathie, well done.

Lynnda Rakos 11 Jun 2006

You are amazing with a pencil. I love his expression!!!

Carl Huffman 02 Jun 2006

I like this one so much, this is a keeper.

Ginger Pfankuch 22 May 2006

This is wonderful. I can't believe the quality you've gotten from pencil. I've tried and I know how difficult this would be!

Valerie Davis 19 May 2006

fab just fab you r amazing with colored pencil

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 06 May 2006

A fabulous image beautifully realised. Delightful subject, skilfully painted. Love it!

Reba McDonald 01 May 2006

Beautifully done Cathie.

Bobba Quimba 24 Apr 2006

Great Pencil work and such luscious patterns!

Sylvia Jackovitch-Kallay 23 Apr 2006

This is a wonderful work of art and such a a deligtful subject.

Loredana 12 Apr 2006

Outstanding love it :)

LouAnn Knight 27 Mar 2006

Oh this is awesome. Her features and expression is fantastic, but the work on the material is amazing. Looks more like a photo! Most excellent work!!! Just AMAZING!!!!

Matthew Campbell 24 Mar 2006

well done!

Angie Waszkiewicz 23 Mar 2006

Turned out beautifully! And such lovely colors!

Stuart Murphy 13 Mar 2006

Love the use of material and textural etchings on the head dress fabric. The colors go so well with the feeling and expression of this piece. Good job with the organization and layout Cathie.

Randy Kroll 13 Mar 2006

Very nice work Cathie!

Jerry 02 Mar 2006

Excellent smile, portrait and colors!

C DeMaio 26 Feb 2006

I love the expression on her face, beautiful work.

Nancy Costley 26 Feb 2006

So much character brought into this work. Lovely.

Terry Harris 24 Feb 2006

Beautiful work! Love this!

Greg Joens 24 Feb 2006

very cool Cathie... she jumps right out with all those wonderful colors

Charlotte Ottilo 24 Feb 2006

Get out of here!...Pencil!!!!!! NOW THIS IS ART!!!

Iain Robinson 24 Feb 2006

Hard to see how this could be better in any way. The face is sublime.

Lucia Stewart 24 Feb 2006

This is just beautiful!

Christine brand 24 Feb 2006

It's Excellent...

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 24 Feb 2006


Debbie Gray 23 Feb 2006

Wow! Awesome work Cathie! Gorgeous pencil work! :0)

PMyers 23 Feb 2006

Fabulous works. Excellent in every way.

Elizabeth Teed 23 Feb 2006

nice work!

mark jorgenson 23 Feb 2006

what a warm and wonderful peice!

Ana Tirolese 23 Feb 2006

Gorgeous work! Wonderfully done. Superb. I love the composition, colours, rendering, everthing about this piece. Well done Cathie!

Renata Cavanaugh 23 Feb 2006

You two are awesome...beatifully done

Joke Schotting 23 Feb 2006

Great and beautiful pencil work,Cathie!!

Analua 23 Feb 2006

Brilliant marvelous work Cathie!!!!!!!! Simply a magnific beauty!!!!

Terry Bullard 23 Feb 2006

nice job

Anne Vis 23 Feb 2006

Lovely, Cathie!

Cristina Marsi 23 Feb 2006

Ohhh, just beautiful :) Great work with textures!

Paula Taylor 23 Feb 2006

Beautiful Work!!

Charlene Richards 23 Feb 2006


Anonymous Guest 23 Feb 2006

this is fantastic!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much Anon, I really appreciate your comment...Cath

Chas Sinklier 23 Feb 2006

So fine Cathie - sensitive, colorful, strong imagery :0)

corry stuart 23 Feb 2006

excellent pencil work Cathie gorgeous and original

Leah Jaarveth 23 Feb 2006

wonderful work!

Bo Fransson 23 Feb 2006

Beautiful Cathie!

José Fortunato 23 Feb 2006

It's so beautiful this great pencil work !

Emily Reed 23 Feb 2006

So charming and delightful! Well done!

thea walstra 23 Feb 2006

very beautiful and awesome work Cath.Love all those different patterns andthat cute child

Hanna Stawska 23 Feb 2006

excellent work!