Winter sun

HELLOGOODBYE is a single panel I started in 2005. In a way it is the author's attempt to fish out a myth from everyday junk. The original cartoons are black and white. But when they are in a really good mood they got a color somehow. :) Welcome to the tour! © Andrey Feldshteyn


Anonymous Guest

Barbara Beck-Azar 24 Apr 2006

this puts a smile on my face..your work is so clean and clear!

stephanie atlee 25 Feb 2006

This is really cute and a lot of fun...very nice

Chas Sinklier 23 Feb 2006

Your cartoon style is tops Andrey - I'm stopping by often - glad you are here :0)

José Fortunato 23 Feb 2006


Christine brand 23 Feb 2006

Lights Up My Life!!!

Tabitha Borges 22 Feb 2006

nice amd warm..;0)

Linda Bertiaux 22 Feb 2006

This is just too cute. Love it. It brought a smile to my face.

K L Marsala 22 Feb 2006

even i think frosty at this point would probably welcome mr. sun... great panel

Emily Reed 22 Feb 2006

How awfully cute! Just great!

Jerry 22 Feb 2006

Most excellent picture, style, contrast and colors!

Cristina Marsi 22 Feb 2006

Hehe, cute :)