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A picture I've made for the Super Contest of ArtDuel. The subject is 'elements'.


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Nira Dabush 13 May 2022

Outstanding work m6 dear friend..Bravo.

Artist Reply: Many thanks, dear friend!

Nira Dabush 24 Apr 2022

Outstanding Anneke.. bravo.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, dear Nira.

Ulughbek Mukhamedov 28 Nov 2020

Water is life good picture

lillianhibiscus 19 Sep 2015

So amazing! Great painting.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Lillian!

LAURIER Marie josé 19 Sep 2015


Artist Reply: Thank you so m uch for the POD and the sweet words, Marie José!

Angel Estevez 18 Sep 2015

Excellent art ! Very beautiful composition! A painting rich in details and beautiful use of colors. Congratulations Anneke. Hugs my friend !

Artist Reply: Many thanks for the beautiful words, Angel!

marie-claire gallet 18 Sep 2015

Fantastic work, Anneke!! How can I have missed this one!! We are not aware of the importance of water in our life, especially in countries where there is almost none!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Marie-Claire!

yves colas 22 Aug 2014

wonderfull artwork,and tribute for the countries who have no water,or so less.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, my friend!

Pamela Rivera 02 Feb 2014

great art work!!!! brilliantly portrayed:)

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Pamela!

John Cappello 25 Aug 2012

Simply stunning Brilliant artwork!

Artist Reply: Dear John, thank you for your wonderful comments!

Cristina Andrisan 13 May 2012

great done

Artist Reply: Cristina, thank you for all the beautiful comments!

Patricia Griffin Brett 06 Mar 2012

Great painting :)

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Patricia! :)

Leo Da's Artistic Promotions 23 Dec 2011

great work and subject. Clean water is the life-line to us all

Artist Reply: Hi Leo, thank you very much for the beautiful comment!

Ulughbek Mukhamedov 13 Mar 2010

Yes water is a life

Artist Reply: Indeed, everyone needs it! Thank you for the visit again, my friend!

Joan Wulff 02 Jan 2010

Great picture!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Ruth!

Caballero Salguero 15 Oct 2009

The great problems of Politic. Water for all peoples of the Wold.Good Painting,color and composition. Handsomes woman,always smile. . Yours José

Artist Reply: You are right, lots of things are still to be done to make this a wonderful world for everyone! Thanks for the thoughtful comment, José!

Sigridur Bachmann 29 Aug 2009

Wonderful colors and beautiful and very well done painting !

Artist Reply: I always love your comments, Sigga! Thank you so much for all your support!

Anna Marie Fritz 25 Aug 2009

There is much 'impact' in this...color, composition and the eyes...for sure!

Artist Reply: It was really nice to paint this, they are so beautiful with their lovely dresses. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Anna!

Ethan Vaughn 04 Jan 2009

now this is a colorful and awesome! canvas

Artist Reply: The African landscapes are so inspiring and beautiful! Thank you very much for the kind words!

Eugenia Abramson 31 Oct 2008

Lovely painting, as all your artwork - peaceful, kind, and beautiful . Thank you, Eugenia

Artist Reply: Thank you for your wonderful comment to my work, Eugenia!

Nira Dabush 27 Jun 2008

Brilliant scenery captured here , Anneke.. superb painting.. bravo, my friend!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Nira!

Anonymous Guest 09 Mar 2008

and you also

Artist Reply: Thank you! :)

Anonymous Guest 09 Mar 2008

Dear Anneke, thankyou for listning to our point of view. As for pettying the children, please do not because the few that are not exposed to nudity can live happily with there soul mates sharing beautiful pure intemacy. Images of nudity cause so much heart ache amongst couples even relationship breakdowns. You see not ever one see's it as inocently as you. If only every one was pure of mind. I do undrstand you mean no harm. You paint beautifuly Anneke.

Artist Reply: Dear Anonymous, it's all okay. I'm always open for any point of view. I respect yours. Thank you for the compliments to the artwork that you like in my gallery. Have a blessed peaceful Sunday together with your beloved.

Anonymous Guest 08 Mar 2008

dear anneke, i find it so sad. youpaint so beautifuly you donate to charity but you paint images that offend some people. i know you can not expect to paint to everones taste but do you realy want to offend some people. there are people in this world thatare so fed up with haveing to look at ponographic images. this paintong is beautiful. myself and my family would have loved to have looked at your work in the future but there is the odd one that truly offends and we certainly can not browse your art with our children. please just think about it from other peoples point of view.

Artist Reply: Dear Mr./Mrs. Anonymous, I pity the children that will never see, together with their parents, Michelango's David, Rubens' Diana and Her Nymphs, Rodin's Kiss or Botticelli's Venus, the brilliant works of Leonardo da Vinci, the beautiful ancient art of Egypt or Rome. Do you really think that all nudity is pornography? Trust me, I'm just as fed up with 'real' pornography as you are. Sincerely, Anneke

Shakeh Sarookhanian 11 Sep 2007

Nice artwork!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Shakeh.

Gill Bedson 23 Aug 2007

You capture the mood very well. The simple things we take for granted, can make all the difference for people in other parts of the world. Well done!!

Artist Reply: True words, Gill. Maybe we should go back to the essence too more often with all the luxury we have. Thank you for stopping by.

Mandy Maung 08 Jul 2007

aww! they look they're having a good time! i like their clothes. hehe

Artist Reply: Yes, they are having a good time, I guess. They are happy with the water, so common for us, so special in those parts of the world.

Lisa Savoy 22 Apr 2007

beautiful, I could spend all day here.

Anonymous Guest 15 Apr 2007

beautiful picture dear anneke , i can sence the person greeting these young ladies , u feel the sun in their eyes , but also the way of life , by looking how they keep their hands. in a fist close to their lap.very friendly people , always trying to help as i have found out , a heart as big as a mountain , though the life they live is not always easy, but they have god on their mind and you see that by looking at the eyes of these beautiful young ladies. love s.

dimitris voyiazoglou 27 Feb 2007

You are very good with drawing and color Anneke!Great piece!

Rob Keller 21 Jan 2007

Great Job Anneke, love the colours. Red is my favourite!!! Groet Rob

K.Scott McGregor 23 Oct 2006

This is a lovely painting. Thankyou very much for your comments Anneke you're very kind.

Brigitte Hintner 07 Oct 2006

This is a great tribute to the most important thing for the human being ....WATER !!! So beautifully done , bravo Anneke !

José Fortunato 22 Jun 2006

And water is much pressious than oil ! Great portrait !

Deborah Martin 10 Jun 2006

So very beautiuful..love it heaps!!!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Deborah! :)

Loredana 25 Apr 2006

Fantastic i love it :)

Analua 31 Jan 2006

OHHHHHH Glorious and marvelous work Anneke!!!!

Emily Reed 31 Jan 2006

Wow! wonderful! wonderful!

Bev Chudey 30 Jan 2006

Wonderful Anneke!!! Love the way you rendered the fabric in their clothing.

C DeMaio 30 Jan 2006

Nice composition and color choices! Nice Work

Reba McDonald 30 Jan 2006

Beautifully done Anneke.

Joke Schotting 30 Jan 2006

Wonderful work,Anneke!!!!

Cristina Marsi 30 Jan 2006

Just beautiful, Anneke. Very very intense.

Jerry 30 Jan 2006

Very cheerful, colorful and neat story.

Greg Joens 30 Jan 2006

great subject and story

Cynthia Adams 30 Jan 2006

Wonderful use of colour and the subject is superb.Love this..very well done.