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Isola della Schiusa

One more experiment with light and water. Watercolor. 24*32 cm.


Anonymous Guest

Abbygale Roblet 14 Aug 2008

Nice colors and atmosphere.

C DeMaio 01 Feb 2006

a beautiful softness to this. Your not only talented with pastels but also with watercolors!!

fred leonard 21 Jan 2006

Love the colors used!

Steve Keith 19 Jan 2006

sorry i missed this beauty till now cristina...great work

Anne Vis 18 Jan 2006

Very pretty, Cristina!

Reba McDonald 18 Jan 2006

A beautiful watercolour Christina.

Analua 18 Jan 2006

Marvelous beauty Cristina!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathi Perry 18 Jan 2006

Wonderful work Cristina.

Rhonda Shereck 17 Jan 2006

nice the yellow and blue...without getting a green!

Gerald Dextraze 17 Jan 2006

oh lala! this is realy beautifull and so original!

tim linville 17 Jan 2006

Nice light study,Christina!

thea walstra 17 Jan 2006

Again excellent work Cristina

Homayra Amirzada 17 Jan 2006

ooh so calm and full of peach, love the distance and the realistic part this art gives me.. good work

Patty Day 17 Jan 2006

Wow!!! Outstanding job!!

charles hooper 17 Jan 2006

WOW!!!!! Cristina Great job !!!!!!Excellent

Alison Skillin 17 Jan 2006

I love your use of colour in this. :)

jennifer blenkinsopp 17 Jan 2006

Beautiful fresh watercolour.

renee lavoie 17 Jan 2006

lovely , i relly like the colors you've chosen, they work very well together!

Jerie kunitsky 17 Jan 2006

The light on the water just sparkles. I love the way you did this.

Greg Vilton 17 Jan 2006

Lovely painting, Cristina! The composition and the effects are very pretty.

William Boyer 17 Jan 2006

looks great

Steph Salt 17 Jan 2006

How serene looking, this is beautiful Cristina. I could imagine sitting there with some lovely Italian wine just watching the sun set over the water.

K L Marsala 17 Jan 2006

u do so well with these expermitals. keep them up!

LouAnn Knight 17 Jan 2006

So pretty, reflection on the water is excellent!! Love the bright sky! Beautiful!!

Loredana 17 Jan 2006

Very beautiful Cristina such a peaceful looking Painting excellent artwork :)

Emily Reed 17 Jan 2006

A beauty of a landscape.

corry stuart 17 Jan 2006

Gorgeous watercolour for sure whow!!!

Ana Tirolese 17 Jan 2006

That is so beautiful. Very well done. Good for you. Molto bene.

Roshanda Burtscher 17 Jan 2006

Another beautiful painting.

Jean M. Laffitau 17 Jan 2006

Wonderful watercolor painting Cristina!!

Deborah Martin 17 Jan 2006

Beautiful reflections and lemon bright lighting Cristina...wonderful work!!

Fiona Hooper 17 Jan 2006

Lovely work, Cristina, with excellent use of soft complementary colours to make the glow in the sky really sing out! :)

José Fortunato 17 Jan 2006

Beautiful watercolor

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 17 Jan 2006

beautiful reflections in this gorgeous watercolor, Cristina!! GREAT!