Comfy Kitty


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Kimberly Tilley 30 Sep 2006

you have a great portfolio. this is so cute!

Jennifer Hewitt 06 Feb 2006

this is so lovely, such a gorgeous kitten

epsylon lyrae 30 Dec 2005

Absolutly adorable :D

alice stevenson 29 Dec 2005

Those eyes just leap out of the photo

Loredana 29 Dec 2005

Superb shot Jo Adorable little kitty :)

Cristina Marsi 29 Dec 2005

Awww, I love its look :)

Jean M. Laffitau 29 Dec 2005

Very good shot and framing Jo-Hanna!!

Anne Vis 29 Dec 2005

Wow! What a cute shot! Delightful work, Jo-Hanna!

Deborah Martin 28 Dec 2005

So very very cute.......Beautiful and creative shot!!