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Following the way of your heart

Follow your heart always, In sadness or laughter, in happiness or sorrow... Because only your heart knows the answer, Because only your heart guiding you to tomorrow. Follow it as a candle in dark, As a message from above, As a moment of inspiration. Follow it because it knows what is love, And it can show you the right direction. Comissioned portrait - Watercolor - 9 x 12"


Anonymous Guest

renee lavoie 24 Dec 2005

very nice job!

stephanie atlee 24 Dec 2005

What a great image you have created...very nicely done

Diana Hume 18 Dec 2005

Great fanatasy work! Wonderful!

Kelly Barrett 18 Dec 2005

Such magical beauty springs from your paintbrush!

Analua 18 Dec 2005

Marvelous work Maria!!!

Leah Jaarveth 18 Dec 2005

This is wonderful work Maria! I love it :)

Renata Cavanaugh 18 Dec 2005

Wonderful work

geri pratt 18 Dec 2005

Wonderful watercolor work. Striking design.

Emily Reed 18 Dec 2005

Wonderful! Beautiful, beautiful!

jennifer blenkinsopp 18 Dec 2005

Excellent watercolour and composition.

thea walstra 18 Dec 2005

Outstanding and very beautiful work Maria