Black Lab

My latest commission, a one year old black labrador. This is going to be a Christmas prezzy for a lady from her husband. They already have had four of their dogs portrayed by me, but everytime they get a new pooch they show up on my doorstep with an armful of photos. It's a great compliment when people come back for more. Drawn with caran d'ache watercolour pencils on heavy acid-free paper, 12"x16".


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Armando Salas 15 Jan 2006

Wow! Wonderful job!

Diana Hume 29 Nov 2005

Wonderful job, Ruth. I can see why this is your fourth commission from them!!

Terry Bullard 28 Nov 2005

nice work

Steve Keith 27 Nov 2005

marvelous work Ruth

Renata Cavanaugh 27 Nov 2005

Beautiful portrait

Lori White 27 Nov 2005

Great job Ruth!!! The Retrievers, Labs & Goldens, are wonderful dogs and beautiful subjects. Keep up the great work!

corry stuart 27 Nov 2005

Beautiful work Ruth..... I have a chocolate lab only she is totally blind. These dogs are gorgeous in nature.

Laura Smith 26 Nov 2005

Ruth this is beautiful!! Love the shading and the detail. It is wonderful when customer's return for another portrait. Enjoy!!

eileen martin 26 Nov 2005

this is beautifully done:)

Robyn Sturtevant 26 Nov 2005

What a wonderful portrait Ruth. The eyes are soooo expressive.

Billy Lewis 26 Nov 2005

Ruth this is awesome. well rendered

Renee Nemerov 26 Nov 2005

Very Skilfull!

joan warburton 26 Nov 2005

What a beautiful face! Fantastic work!

Nancy Woolweber 26 Nov 2005

Awesome job! You've captured this one very well.

sylvia etie 26 Nov 2005

masterful work!

Jean M. Laffitau 26 Nov 2005

Great work you did here Ruth! Beautiful portrait of a wonderful animal!

PMyers 26 Nov 2005

Wow!! look at those eyes. Fantastic job

RQ Trietsch 26 Nov 2005

Great work. I love the way you accomplished the texture. Very life-like.

Emily Reed 26 Nov 2005