Ryan & Rachelle

This portrait was commissioned by the wife of a man who was recieving a long service award from his company. She decided that he would like a portrait of their two children for his award.

She was actually pregnant at the time she commissioned the painting, and has now had a new baby sister for Ryan & Rachelle. She did not want to wait until this baby was born for the painting to be done.

Spiderman and Pokeman images are fan art. This image is not for sale.

11" x 14" Chalk Pastel on specialty paper. Original SOLD. Reprints ONLY available as commissioner directs.

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Anonymous Guest

Tony Lee 21 Feb 2006

wow!! that IS a great piece of work!! such details!!

Jerry 07 Feb 2006

This is a very pleasent portrait, Sweet and charming comes to mind. Excellent art!

K.Scott McGregor 11 Jan 2006

Excellent portrait Diana, lovely pastel work. Thankyou for your comments on my work.

Bluemoonshadow 06 Jan 2006

I got myself some pastel pencil the other day... hoping I can have some fun with it too and draw nice drawings like this one.... Amazing details, Diana... love the boy's hair..wow I bet the two really like their drawing...:-)

Sara Deutsch 23 Dec 2005

Masterful pastel! I love the way you incorporated fantasy elements..